25 best bronzers to achieve the ultimate golden glow for the summer

Bronzed up skin, sorted.
25 Best Bronzers for Every Skin Tone 2023 Tested  Reviewed
Edward Berthelot

Andrew echoes this, “choose a shade that’s going to add warmth to the face without the dreaded orange. And for darker skin tones, avoid anything that has a too red undertone as this can cause the face to look rosy rather than sun-kissed,” he adds.

"A few other tips to help to choose the right bronzer for you is to look at pictures of your skin whilst you're on holiday, or think back to when you have had a natural tan," says Adeola. "Do you burn and go pinky/red or do you go a more golden colour? This will lead you in the right direction as to which bronzer will suit your skin tone naturally."

"Also, if you know the natural undertone of your skin this will also help you choose the right bronzers that will naturally compliment your skin," she says. "For example, if you have a warm golden undertone choose bronzers that reflect that. If you have a cool undertone then choose a pinky based tone of bronzer."

How to choose the right formula for your skin type

Since there are so many types you choose from, you might be a little lost on where to start, especially as it relates to your skin type. Most makeup artists, including Andrew, tend to reach for cream-based bronzers for their clients to get the most natural finish. Cream bronzers work for most skin types and are pretty fool-proof to use.

Oily skin types will gravitate towards powder formulas for obvious reasons, but Andrew warns only a light hand is needed, otherwise the matte finish can appear a little flat. “On the flip side, other powder based Bronzers can also contain a large glitter content which can result in an overly shiny perimeter to the complexion,” he explains.

How to apply bronzer

As for application, "always apply bronzer on the high points of the face, like the forehead and cheekbones, and take it down onto the neck and chest area to make sure it blends seamlessly and there isn’t a contrast between the neck and the face," says Adeola. Use circular motions with your bronzer brush, then sweep back and forth to avoid any stripes.

"You can also use bronzer for corrective purposes, for example if you get a lot of warmth in your neck and chest area, you can use a bronzer with a similar tone on the face to help balance it out. Or if you have a lot of redness on the face and neck area, use a more golden toned bronzer to help even out the skin," says Adeola.

Andrew’s top tip is to use a larger brush with less product. “Bronzing products can sometimes be very highly pigmented so using a larger buffing brush with a small amount of product will create a mistake-proof soft halo of colour rather than a concentrated application of product with a smaller brush that then takes more time to blend — be brave, it works!” he says.

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