15 best CC creams to keep redness and dark circles at bay

Colour correcting to a T.
15 Best CC Creams In 2023 To Tackle Redness and Dark Circles
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Our top picks | BB creams vs. CC creams - what are the differences? | How do CC creams work and how should I apply one?

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BB creams vs. CC creams - what are the differences?

We get it: it all can be a little confusing – from BB (beauty balm) creams to CC (colour corrector) creams and even DD (daily defence) creams, it's easy to get overwhelmed when trying to figure out what you need and what works for your skin.

What you do need to know, however, is that although BB creams and CC creams might appear very similar, they do have a few key differences. Essentially, the idea behind CC creams is that they contain pigments that help with colour correcting, which is especially useful if you have areas of hyperpigmentation, acne scarring or dark circles. In fact, these products are specifically designed to conceal – and sometimes treat – redness or sensitivity.

How do CC creams work and how should I apply one?

CC creams are also perfect for neutralising unwanted shades from our skin tone by introducing a little makeup artist wizardry. You might know that shades that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel cancel each other out. So as we've mentioned earlier in the article: green tackles red, orange takes care of the blue, and lavender cancels out the yellow.

This is why CC creams can also be ideal for acne-prone skin, since many of them are specifically designed to camouflage the redness in spots. It's why they'll help to brighten up unwanted dullness too, regardless of whether you’re using something that provides a sheer or matte finish.

Plus, if you're giving your skin a much-deserved break from foundations, CC creams can be an ideal alternative, offering just enough coverage without feeling heavy on the skin or clogging up your pores. All you need to do is blend it into your skin with the help of your favourite makeup sponge (or hands), starting with the centre of the face or any areas of discolouration to provide a more even base, before adding a little concealer to specific areas as needed.

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