Best Time To Conceive A Girl – 7 Easy Ways To Get A Girl Baby

Best Time To Conceive A GirlWondering which is the best time to conceive a girl? Discovering the best days and the most successful ways to have a girl baby is not as tricky as it may look at first sight.

In fact, the remedies and natural treatments available out there are quite numerous, so if you’re wondering how you can increase your chances of having a girl with natural solutions only, you should read our recommendations below and give them a try.

Best Time To Conceive A Girl Is In The Evening

Some may say there’s no such thing as the best time to conceive a girl and that the only thing that matters is to have intercourse a few days before ovulation and avoid intimate contact after ovulation, so that female sperm is the only one remaining inside the vagina and able to fertilize the egg.

Still, the popular belief is that one can increase the odds of getting pregnant with a female baby if they have intimate relationships in the afternoon rather than at night. While there’s no scientific proof for this, it’s still worth trying it, and make sure to have sex during the full moon as well, as it’s also believed to help in conceiving a girl.

Best Time To Get Pregnant With A Girl Is Before Ovulation

Moving on to the most appropriate days or the best time to conceive a girl from the point of view of your ovulation cycle: as previously said, for increasing the chances to have a female baby you should have intimate contact well before ovulation, as this way female sperm survives inside the reproductive tract, while male cells die.

Female sperm cells are larger and slower than male ones and they have a life span slightly longer than the cells carrying the Y chromosomes. This means that if you have intimate contact 3-4 days before ovulation for example, when the egg is released: at ovulation: there will no longer be male cells inside the vagina or their number will be insignificant.

As a result, the chances to have a girl will increase considerably, especially if you mix this method with other solutions, such as eating certain foods or adopting a certain position. We’ll discuss these immediately!

Best Days To Conceive A Girl Are On Full Moon Days

Now let’s talk a little about the best days when to conceive a girl: those when the moon is on the sky and it’s full are the most recommended ones, although: as already said a little earlier: there is absolutely no scientific argument for this.

But you know how ancient people used to guide their lives based on the signs nature gave them. The Chinese and Indian or Ayurvedic systems for example promote strange beliefs with regards to pregnancy and getting pregnant with a boy or girl, and this recommendation is only an example.

Still, you have absolutely nothing to lose if you do try this trick. Just make sure it doesn’t interfere with your ovulation cycle, as if the full moon day is exactly your ovulation day or 1-2 days before or after the release of the egg, it’s a must to avoid intimate contact.

When To Conceive A Girl: Whenever Your Internal pH Is Acidic Enough

You already are familiar with best days to conceive a girl, so it’s time to move to another solution: making your internal environment more acidic is the best solution to get pregnant with a female baby.

To change your pH, you can include in your daily menu more foods that can increase the acidity of the fluids and mucous membranes inside your body. Such foods include meat, some fruits: mostly citric ones, even grains and dairy products.

How To Conceive A Girl Naturally By Drinking Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea seems to be useful to women wondering how to conceive a girl naturally, as it lowers the production of male sex hormones inside the female body, lowering the chances of having baby boys.

By making the internal environment less friendly to male sperm, it increases the odds of having a girl. 2 cups of this tea daily are enough for determining your baby’s gender and keep in mind your partner should also drink it, as it seems to be even more effective in men than in women.

In other words, for your partner to produce more female sperm cells, he should also have this tea on a daily basis, as it will help with female sperm count and reduce the lifespan of male sperm cells.

How To Get Pregnant With A Baby Girl With Dong Quai Herb

Until now we talked more about the best time to get pregnant with a girl, but the truth is using herbal products is just as effective in influencing the baby’s gender, so here’s what you can do to increase the odds of having a female baby.

Dong quai is one of the most renowned herbs recommended by Chinese medicine system to women wondering how to get pregnant, having fertility problems or simply wanting to determine their baby’s gender.

This herb balances hormones and strengthens the reproductive tract, restoring normal menstruation and ovulation. It therefore helps those women with irregular cycles, who are having a tough time determining their most fertile days and ovulation dates.

Moreover, the herb cleanses the blood from toxins and stimulates the blood flow to the reproductive organs, preparing a healthier and better nourished internal environment. And last, it turns the environment into a slightly more acidic one, so this is why the plant is good for increasing the chances of having a baby girl instead of a male baby.

Best Time To Conceive A Girl: 2-3 Days After Ovulation

Our last recommendation on how to get pregnant with a baby girl refers, again, to the best moment for conception: this time, we’ll refer to the period after ovulation, as it’s known that female and male sperm have slightly different life spans.

Male sperm survives fewer days inside the vagina, but it’s faster than female sperm so if you have intercourse right after you ovulate, it’s very likely to give birth to a boy. Instead, if you delay the intimate contact for the second or third day from ovulation, which is maybe the best time to conceive a girl.

On the other hand, if you have intercourse right in the ovulation day, you’re more likely to get pregnant with a boy. So it’s a good idea to watch your ovulation cycle and schedule your relationships based on the fertile days.