Best Way To Conceive A Girl Baby – 7 Proven Methods

Best Way To Conceive A GirlWhile it’s hard to tell what exactly the best way to conceive a girl is, there are surely lots of natural and herbal products that can help one in increasing their chances of giving birth to a female baby instead of a male one.

Often the key to this issue lies in including certain foods in their diet or in avoiding certain products, as it’s known the pH of the internal environment and more specifically the pH of the vaginal tract plays a huge role in the baby’s gender.

Female babies are more likely to be conceived when the pH of the reproductive tract is more acidic, while baby boys are more likely to be conceived in an alkaline environment. So keep this in mind and take a look at the products below!

Best Way To Conceive A Girl: Eat Ocean Perch

Women trying to conceive baby girls are usually told to eat higher amounts of meat as this helps in creating a more acidic internal environment. Male sperm survives better in alkaline environments while female sperm in acidic ones, so adding meat or fish to your diet is a good and simple solution to how to have a baby girl.

But it’s not just poultry or pork that should be eaten in higher amounts. Scientists recommend eating ocean perch as well, as this fish contains very high amounts of calcium, mineral that’s absolutely necessary for sustaining a pregnancy and which is linked with the conception of baby girls.

How To Conceive A Baby Girl: Drink Orange Juice

Citrus fruits – excepting lemons – are known to make the internal pH more acidic, so drinking orange juice can be another good strategy for increasing the odds of giving birth to a baby girl.

Surely, this method alone won’t boost your fertility and guarantee you’ll have a girl but if you do add a glass of orange juice to your daily meals, you can be sure there are better chances for you to successfully influence your baby’s gender.

Orange juice, besides the already mentioned property, is also very rich in vitamins and nutrients that are helpful during the gestation period as well as in the pre-pregnancy months, so you surely have nothing to lose if you try this home solution for how to get pregnant with a girl.

How To Make A Baby Girl: Have More Tuna

As said in the first paragraphs, fish can be just as useful as red meat or chicken for women looking for tips on conceiving a female baby. This fish is very rich in proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, all important for maintaining a healthy diet.

But besides providing these nutrients, tuna also contributes to making the vaginal pH more acidic, so it makes it tougher for male sperm to survive and easier for female sperm molecules to reach the egg and fertilize it, resulting in a female baby.

Still, note that it’s not recommended to eat too much tuna as it also contains small amounts of mercury, which can be harmful for moms-to-be. The proper number or servings shouldn’t exceed 12 ounces of canned light tuna or 6 ounces of fresh tuna per week.

How To Get Pregnant With A Girl: Eat Corn Tortillas

What makes corn tortillas efficient in increasing the chances of giving birth to baby girls instead of boys? Mainly their high content of calcium, this mineral being very important for preventing health issues like osteoporosis in women as well as for increasing the odds of conceiving female babies.

Despite the numerous rumors regarding the potential side effects corn tortillas could trigger in pregnant women, there are no studies showing that these products are actually linked with birth defects similar to the fetal alcohol syndrome, as some claimed.

You can safely consume corn tortillas if you’re looking for the best way to conceive a girl, so stop worrying about these products and enjoy some tacos with your partner!

How To Have A Baby Girl Naturally: Eat More Sardines

Sardines, fresh ones, not canned ones, as these are often too salty, are rich in proteins and healthy oils. You should have two portions of fresh sardines each week, if you want to boost your fertility and increase the odds of having a baby girl.

Just like tuna and other fish species, sardines work inside the organism by increasing the acidity of the bodily fluids and by making the vaginal environment friendlier to female sperm. Also, nutrients in this food maintain a healthy hormonal balance, which is also important for choosing the baby’s gender, as it’s known that higher amounts of testosterone produced inside the woman’s body increase the odds of conceiving boys instead of girls.

Best Position To Conceive A Girl Allows For Shallow Penetration

Another effective technique of increasing the probability of giving birth to a girl is adopting a position that allows for shallow penetration, such as the missionary one or the women on top position.

Female sperm, being heavier and larger than male sperm, has a tougher time traveling towards the uterus, but has a longer lifespan, so when sperm is placed closer to the vaginal opening, male sperm is less likely to survive and reach the ovules in time.

On the contrary, female sperm lives longer in the vagina, so it’s more probably for it to survive and fertilize the egg. So keep in mind this rule: positions that allow a deep penetration are good for conceiving boys, those that allow for shallow penetration are recommended for giving birth to girls.

Best Way To Have A Girl Baby: Eat More Barley

Another food that can contribute to the conception of a female baby is barley. This grain cereal boosts fertility, as it’s very rich in manganese and selenium both necessary for a healthy pregnancy.

Also, barley is listed among the acidic grain cereals, which means it also contributes to changing the pH of the vaginal tract into a more acidic one, favoring the survival of female sperm over male one. So make sure to add this food in your weekly menu if you’re wondering how to increase the odds of having a female baby!