Fitness blogger proves everyone can suffer from bloating

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Tiffany Brien via Facbook

The internet has given fitness blogger, Tiffany Brien, a large round of applause after she proved no one really is perfect, after all.

Tiffany Brien via Facbook

The former Miss Northern Ireland took to Facebook to reveal that everyone suffers from "the bloat" even if working out is there full time profession and the post already has over 18,000 shares.

Posting a picture that bared her stomach in the morning - lean and toned- and then 12 hours later, she proved that even if you have a flat stomach worthy of celebrity credit, you can still suffer with bloating.

She wrote the following message alongside the post: "No I'm not 6 months pregnant. It's just my food baby. These two photos are 12 hours apart, left before bed and right when I woke up."

She continued: "We are not all what we seem on social media. I thought I would share a bad day with you to show you nobody is "perfect" and it is ok to have an off day where your body just decides to not play ball. Don't worry girls, it happens to the best of us, all part and parcel of being a female! It is a delightful cocktail of lack of sleep, stress, hormones and food intolerances. A mixture for a whole lotta bloat."

Brien then goes on to explain how all these factors can affect anyone's body - no one should strive for "perfection".

Basically, we're all human at the end of the day and if we bloat from time to time, that's totally fine. Perhaps if we saw more figures being transparent on social media like Brien, people would be a lot less critical of themselves. You go, girl!