Conceiving A Girl – 7 Powerful Tips For Having A Daughter

Conceiving A GirlLots of the available tips on conceiving a girl refer to synchronizing your intimate relationships with your most fertile days and adopting certain positions, but the truth is you can increase the chances of getting pregnant with a girl by simply doing some changes in your diet or adding some natural products to your daily menu.

While these tricks and tips may not be as fast as the previously mentioned ones, they are surely effective, as they work from the inside, changing the internal environment into one that’s friendlier to female sperm cells.

By adding the foods recommended below to your diet, you can boost your fertility and help your body adjust its pH for supporting the traveling and survival of female sperm over male sperm cells.

Conceiving A Girl Trick By Eating More Almonds

Almonds can be an excellent ally for those of you trying to find natural solutions to conceiving a girl, as they provide high amounts of calcium and magnesium, minerals that are linked with higher chances of having female babies.

Moreover, being rich in nourishing ingredients, almonds increase the fertility and support the development of the fertilized egg. They contain plenty of good fats as well as zinc, iron, manganese, selenium cooper and other useful minerals that work together in boosting fertility and ensuring a well-nourished internal environment.

How To Increase Chances Of Conceiving A Girl By Having Red Clover

Another good recommendation for women trying to conceive a baby girl refers to red clover, food that has been proven to be effective in boosting fertility and in increasing the chances of survival for female sperm over male sperm cells.

If you’re planning to have a female baby, you should add red clover to your daily menu, as 100 grams of this food provide high amounts of calcium and magnesium. As previously said, these minerals are crucial for conceiving girls.

Then, red clover also provides important amounts of folate, iron and vitamin A, all needed for the healthy development of the fetus once the egg is fertilized and implants in the uterine wall. Red clover turns the pH of the vaginal mucous and of the bodily fluids into a more acidic one, so again it’s a good addition to a diet for conceiving a girl.

Planning To Have A Baby Girl? Try Nettle Tea

The tea obtained from nettle leaves is a very good fertility adjuvant and also a great supplement for women planning to have a baby girl, as this beverage provides a wide range of minerals and vitamins known to support the fertilization and to increase the odds of having female babies.

Nettles are rich in vitamin C, A, D and K and contain very high amounts of calcium, the mineral needed for conceiving baby girls. If you don’t like the taste and flavor of this tea, you can add some honey, as it’s sweet and will change the pH of your body, making it friendlier to sperm carrying the X chromosomes.

Drink this tea on a daily basis and ask your partner to add it to his diet as well. Both of you and your reproductive systems will benefit from it, as it also contains potassium, iron and sulphur and it’s a great health enhancer.

Conceive A Baby Girl By Increasing Vitamin D Intake

If until now we only discussed the diet for conceiving a girl, it’s time to move to another natural solution which doesn’t necessarily refer to your daily menu, although it is linked with it. Vitamin D is a great helper for women trying to have female babies and the great news it can be taken in high enough amounts by simply spending more time in the sun.

Still, if you don’t like exposing your body to sunlight or you live in an area where temperatures are lower, you can get this vitamin from your diet. Vitamin D supports a better absorption of calcium from foods, and as you already know, calcium is essential for conceiving female babies.

Through its action, vitamin D sustains fertility and helps in the fertilization of the viable eggs, and along with magnesium and calcium, it boosts the chances of having girl babies. So if you’re trying to determine your baby’s gender naturally, give this solution a try.

Tips For Getting Pregnant With A Girl: Drink Dandelion Tea

Some beverages are known to be linked with higher chances of having female babies so if you’re curious to learn more about gender determination and to find some proven tips for getting pregnant with a girl, you should know dandelion tea is thought to increase the odds of having girl babies.

These plants are rich in cooper, zinc, vitamin A and B as well as in magnesium, the mineral that: along with calcium: is crucial for carrying a pregnancy and for making the internal environment of the mother friendlier to female sperm.

Dandelions are also rich in fibers so they help in maintaining a normal weight. Overweight women are more likely to have male babies, while those with a normal weight have better chances to give birth to baby girls.

And last, dandelions are rich in calcium, needed for the conception of baby girls as well as for preventing osteoporosis and regulating blood pressure. To take advantage of their benefits, drink 1-2 cups of dandelion tea on a daily basis.

Diet For Conceiving A Girl With More Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is linked with higher chances of getting pregnant as it increases the levels of progesterone, hormone needed for a healthy pregnancy. Then, it lowers the levels of testosterone, so it helps in restoring the equilibrium of male and female sex hormones.

If you’re curious to know how to increase chances of conceiving a girl by using this plant, you should know hormones are involved in the internal processes that take place when eggs are fertilized and it order for conception to happen, these levels have to be in normal limits.

So you should include saw palmetto in your diet and also ask your partner to use it daily as it reduces the male sperm count and increases the chances for female sperm to reach the viable eggs and fertilize them.

Tips For Having A Girl: Eat Fewer Apples

Last recommendation on our list of tips for having a girl refers to apples. Although very healthy, these fruits should be avoided by women who are looking for solutions to conceiving a girl, as they make the internal environment more alkaline and thus friendlier to male sperm.

Although some may think apples are acidic, their ingredients work by increasing the pH. Values under 7
indicate an acidic pH, while those over 7 an alkaline environment, and for female babies to be conceived, the pH of bodily fluids and membranes has to be acidic. ‘