Diet For Conceiving A Girl – 7 Foods For Getting A Daughter

Diet For Conceiving A GirlIf you’re looking for quick solutions to get pregnant with a girl, you should adopt a diet for conceiving a girl, as lots of women struggling to have a female baby found it useful to eat more foods that made their body friendlier to female sperm and less likely to support the male sperm.

If you’re among those women who are tired of saying ‘I want a baby girl‘but don’t know where to start from as they don’t want to invest in expensive medical treatments, you might find useful the suggestions below.

Our recommendations are all based on foods and natural products or herbs, as these are not just accessible and affordable, but also non-invasive and free of side effects in most cases.

Diet For Conceiving A Girl By Eating Less Bananas

Bananas provide high amounts of vitamins and minerals but they’re not on the list of foods to conceive a girl because they’re rich in potassium, which is known to favor the survival of male sperm over female one.

Potassium alkalinizes the internal environment and makes the body more prone to having a male baby, so if you want a baby girl, try to reduce the intake of these fruits and replace them with more acidic ones, like citrus fruits.

Foods To Conceive A Girl Must Include Rhubarb

Just like bananas, rhubarb is very rich in useful nutrients, fibers, vitamins, antioxidants, vitamins in the B complex, vitamin A and K, cooper, iron, calcium and potassium. All these are present in amounts that make this veggie ideal for a diet for conceiving a girl.

Besides increasing the chances for female sperm to survive and to fertilize the egg, rhubarb also nourishes the reproductive organs and ensures a healthy environment for the development of the pregnancy, after fertilization.

Moreover, this veggie promotes stronger and healthier bones, so it fights against osteoporosis, which is often present in pregnant women or new moms. Rhubarb can be eaten as it is or mixed with kale, spinach and other green veggies, in refreshing and healthy salads.

Foods To Eat To Get A Baby Girl Must Contain Hard Cheese

Perhaps you’ve heard that dairy products are recommended to women who want to know what to eat to conceive a girl, but not all persons tolerate these products well. If your stomach doesn’t really like milk and regular dairy products, you can try some hard cheese, as it’s excellent for increasing the odds of having a baby girl.

This food is rich in calcium, is acidic enough for turning the vaginal environment into a friendlier one for female sperm cells and it’s also good for keeping your bones healthy. Hard cheese can be eaten in salads, as it is or with omelet for a nourishing breakfast for example.

Still, avoid mixing it with meat, as you don’t want to make the bodily fluids and membranes too acidic either. Eating this food in too high amounts may lead to excess pounds, and overweight women are more likely to have boys, not girls, so keep the intake moderate.

What To Eat To Conceive A Girl? Nuts And Seeds

Nuts and seeds are among the best foods to eat to get a baby girl, as they are rich in calcium and magnesium, two minerals that are absolutely necessary for a healthy development of the fertilized egg and more importantly, for favoring the survival and traveling of female sperm towards the ovule.

Your diet to get pregnant with a girl baby should include more brazil nuts, which provide very high amounts of these minerals. Besides, these nuts are rich in two different acids, oleic and palmitoleic acid, which are known to turn the vaginal environment into a more acidic one and to make it difficult for male sperm to survive.

So if you’re trying to have a female baby, make sure to add these foods to your daily menu, but keep the intake in moderate amounts as nuts and seeds are usually high in calories and excessive intake can affect your body weight.

What To Eat To Get A Baby Girl? Tofu Is A Good Idea

Tofu is one of the foods that provide important amounts of magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, cooper, selenium and sodium, which are important for maintaining a well-nourished body and a healthy reproductive tract. It’s thus recommended to add this food to your daily diet if you want to know what to eat to have a baby girl.

Besides being rich in nutrients, tofu is able to turn the body into an ideal host for the female sperm, as it provides very high quantities of calcium, the mineral linked with a higher chance of having a girl baby.

100 grams of this product provide around 250 mg of calcium, so tofu is excellent for your reproductive tract, your bones and entire organism. Eat it on a daily basis to boost the odds of having a female baby.

What To Eat To Have A Baby Girl: Figs Can Be Helpful

Also recommended to women trying to find out what to eat to get a baby girl are figs, fruits that are renowned for boosting the fertility and for making the internal environment acidic and thus more appropriate for female sperm cells than for cells carrying the Y chromosomes.

Figs are sweet enough to turn the pH into a more acidic one but they also alter the blood sugar levels, so you shouldn’t eat them in too high amounts. A few figs eaten daily as snack will provide good nutrients for your body: vitamin A, K, E and B, as well as chlorogenic acid.

Diet To Get Pregnant With A Girl Baby Should Avoid Grains

Grains aren’t the best idea when it comes to finding a good diet for conceiving a girl, not because they’re not healthy but because they provide high amounts of sodium and potassium. These minerals will turn the pH of your vaginal tract into a more alkaline one, when your purpose is to make it more acidic.

Grains do provide calcium, magnesium and other such nutrients, able to make the internal environment more acidic, but these are usually present in lower amounts than sodium and potassium, so this is why it’s better to eat bread and other grain-based products in lower amounts if you’re trying to get pregnant with a girl.