We just found out how often we should be cutting our hair to keep it healthy and we're shook

The experts let us in on the secrets to peak hair health.
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Beauty myths: they're tricky to untangle. And before we dedicate ourselves to a beauty ritual, we like to do the groundwork and figure out whether it's based on truth or wishful thinking.

One you've probably heard growing up, is that cutting your hair shorter will make it grow longer. Sounds counterintuitive, right?

Turns out, it won't make your hair grow faster (knew it). But, it will make your hair grow healthier.

Top trichologist Stephanie Sey recommends making sure the ends of your hair are well taken care of and preserved, saying, "Get your hair cut when the ends become weathered and split."

The reason? "Not tackling split ends means it will travel up the hair shaft causing more damage," says Stephanie, which may mean you'll never get to see that extra length.

Basically, if you don’t have a trim, your split ends will run riot and likely split further up the shaft eventually snapping and making your hair short, which stops it from growing long. This way, your hair can continue to grow healthily from your roots, but the ends won't fray and snap shorter. So while cutting your hair won't make it grow faster, it will ensure that the length you have is strong and beautiful, rather than wispy and damaged. Hence, trims can help your hair to grow longer.

As for the frequency of your trims, celebrity hairdresser, Angela C Styles, told Seventeen , it depends on the texture of your hair:

"People with textured hair should be sure to cut their hair every 2-3 months," she explained. "For people with non-textured hair, haircuts vary based on how fast their hair grows," she says.

Very short styles like crops and pixie cuts will tend to need freshening up every 3-4 weeks, bobs will need trimming every couple of months to keep them looking slick, (though you can get away with longer if you have a messier, choppier cut) and long hair can go as long as 4 months before it needs a refresh.

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Finally, to really maximise your salon appointment, ask your stylist for personalised treatments that focus on hair health and hair recovery.

Keratin treatments are incredible at smoothing frizz-prone hair and boosting your natural levels of the hair protein, Keratin. And it's also well-worth checking out their menu of glow-inducing treatments that leave hair looking extra silky, glossy and healthy to show off all your beautiful strands, whatever the length.