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Emily Ratajkowski fought the summer heat by going naked under her oversized leather jacket

“I'm sweating so much.”
Emily Ratajkowski Fought the Summer Heat by Going Naked Under Her Oversized Leather Jacket
Jamie McCarthy

Emily Ratajkowski doesn't let the season dictate her fashion choices.

This Saturday, the 32-year-old model admitted to dressing “inappropriately” for the summer weather in Paris, which reached a high of 84 degrees Fahrenheit on June 24. Ratajkowski arrived at the Loewe menswear fashion show dressed in her best Matrix cosplay: an oversized black leather duster jacket. What else, you ask? Well, nothing other than some black leather boots, a puffy green purse, and large oval sunglasses.

“I'm naked underneath this,” she told one reporter in a TikTok video posted by i-D.

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When asked about how she dresses for hot weather, Ratajkowski replied, “inappropriately, obviously,” suggesting she was feeling a bit toasty despite her single-layered look. “I'm sweating so much.” Ratajkowski later added that she was planning to change outfits.

Emily Ratajkowski attends the Loewe Menswear Spring/Summer 2024 in Paris, France on June 24, 2023.

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Of course, Emily Ratajkowski is no stranger to pushing the fashion envelope. In October 2022, the model reflected on the most “controversial” look of her career: a naval-plunging cutout gown that Tim Gunn called “appallingly vulgar” in 2016.

"If I saw this at a party, all I could do would be to drink. I couldn’t eat. There’s absolutely no way,” Gunn said during an appearance on Fashion Police at the time, per Vanity Fair. “This dress is so appallingly vulgar and revealing. Why wear anything? Why not just take it all off?”

Six years later, Ratajkowski shrugged off the comment. “I still think I look great,” Ratajkowski told Harper's Bazaar, regarding the backlash. “Somebody called it ‘extremely vulgar’ and it became this huge controversy on the internet. I was in my 20s and just, like, hadn't registered that it was so sexy, because there is a panel in the middle, but it looks like there isn't.”

She continued, “I was basically called out for wanting attention, which I think is interesting because you go to red carpets for attention, basically.”

Keep doing you, Emily Ratajkowski! Just remember to drink plenty of water and look at the weather app before getting dressed.

This story was originally published on Glamour US.