Getting Pregnant With A Girl – 7 Simple Tricks

Getting Pregnant With A GirlGetting pregnant with a girl does not have to be a struggle: contrary to what lots of women think, you can determine your baby’s gender at home, without having to pay for expensive medical treatments and to undergo painful procedures.

From ancient times, people in Asian countries and not only have used nature’s resources for selecting the gender of their babies. The Ayurvedic system and Chinese traditional medicine provide lots of solutions for women interested in conceiving a girl naturally.

Still, if you’re not really into herbs and holistic procedures, why not do some changes in your diet and lifestyle? This can also help you boost your chances of having a baby girl!

Getting Pregnant With A Girl By Eating More Fish

A good solution for women wondering how to get pregnant with a girl fast is represented by fish, which is not only rich in healthy oils, vitamins and minerals, but also able to turn the pH of the mucous membranes and fluids inside the reproductive tract into a more acidic one.

This is important when trying to have female babies as an acidic environment is more likely to support the survival and traveling of female sperm, while an alkaline one is friendlier to male sperm.

If you decide using this trick, add fish to your diet on a daily basis, but try to opt for organic and low in mercury fish, such as tuna, salmon and sardines. Cook the fish thoroughly to prevent any risk of contamination and choose fresh meat instead of canned one.

How To Get Pregnant With A Girl Fast Using Vinegar

What does vinegar have to do with your chances of getting pregnant with a girl, you might ask? This natural product is known to create an acidic environment so if you use it internally, for vaginal douches for example, you can influence your body’s pH and turn it into a more acidic one.

It has been scientifically proven that female sperm, which is bigger and stronger than male sperm, survives better in acidic environments, while male cells tend to die in acidic fluids or membranes.

So if you do some douches with vinegar before having intercourse and add it to your menu more often, you can naturally boost your odds of having a female baby. Ask your partner to use this as well and make sure to schedule your intimate contact in accordance with your most fertile days for better chances of getting pregnant.

Getting Pregnant With A Girl Is Easy Once You Find Out Your Most Fertile Days

Your diet is surely important as it can influence your body’s pH and hormonal level, increasing or decreasing the odds of conceiving, but if you want to make sure you’ll have a female baby you should be more concerned about the best time to get pregnant with a girl.

Knowing your most fertile days is crucial as this way you can synchronize your intimate contacts and boost your chances of getting pregnant. But above this, you also need to know when it’s the exact day of ovulation, as this is when the viable egg is released.

For conceiving a girl, you need to have intercourse 3-4 days before ovulation, then avoid sexual contact until the egg is released, as this way female sperm will have better chances to survive inside the reproductive tract and to fertilize the egg. Male sperm is more fragile so it dies faster.

Things To Do To Conceive A Girl: Eat Eggs More Often

Contrary to the popular belief that eggs shouldn’t be eaten weekly as they can alter your health, science has proven that these foods are actually very healthy and can be safely consumed every other day, even by women looking for things to do to conceive a girl.

Eggs are very rich in good fats, which are necessary for supporting the pregnancy in case the ovule gets fertilized, and they’re excellent in changing the pH of the internal environment and turning it into a more acidic one, so they increase the chances of having female babies.

However, keep in mind that eggs also provide potassium and sodium, which are known to be friendlier to sperm cells carrying the Y-chromosomes, which determine the male gender. This is why it’s better to eat the eggs every other day and not daily, and if possible, to sometimes eat only the egg whites as they provide fewer calories.

Falling Pregnant With A Girl By Eating More Broccoli

Eating more broccoli can be a good solution to conceiving a girl naturally, especially if you’re also concerned about your weight during pregnancy and want to make sure you don’t put on too many pounds.

This vegetable is a great source of minerals and vitamins such as vitamin A, K and C, calcium and magnesium, these two being associated with higher chances of having female babies. In fact, calcium and magnesium, together with vitamin D, are considered crucial for women wanting to give birth to girls.

You should therefore try to incorporate broccoli in more of your daily dishes. You can eat it raw, cooked or in healthy and tasty juices and smoothies, mixed with spinach and kale for a more nourishing beverage.

Best Time To Get Pregnant With A Girl Are Afternoon And Night

Another useful thing to consider is the moment of the day when you have intimate contact, as lots of women say they managed to conceive female babies by having sex at night. So if you’re trying to find solutions to getting pregnant with a girl, you may want to restrain from intimate contacts in the morning.

While there’s no scientific argument to sustain this, statistical data seems to indicate that afternoons and nights are better for making female babies. And given how affordable, accessible and enjoyable this solution is, it’s surely worth giving it a try.

Conceiving A Girl Naturally Is Possible If You Exercise More

Women who are at a normal weight have better chances of falling pregnant with a girl, so if you’re slightly overweight or have only a few pounds over your normal weight, you should try to get more active and workout more, as this helps in increasing the chances of having a female baby. ‘

Both cardio and fitness workouts can be good for dropping excess pounds and getting pregnant with a girl, but if you’re not into gym workouts, you can also try dance classes, zumba, running, cycling or other sports that you find to be fun and engaging and which are effective in burning calories at the same time!