Glastonbury Festival

How to get Glastonbury 2024 tickets if you're already planning for next summer

Don't want to miss out again? Here's what you need to know about getting tickets for Glasto 2024.
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Harry Durrant

Nabbing tickets to Glastonbury Festival feels like you've overcome some hugely significant obstacle course of stress and anticipation, in a fingers-can't-click-fast-enough ordeal. It's the sort of thing people take a half day off work just so they can go about trying to achieve it without being interrupted by oblivious bosses. Those in the know realise that in order to get Glastonbury 2024 tickets you really have to plan ahead, it's a system of failure and success - the more times you do it, the better you get.

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While we mourn the end of Glasto 2023, with headliners like Elton John, Guns N' Roses and Lizzo, the next thing on everyone's mind is next year's concert. There's already rumours that Taylor Swift may well be headlining (according to reports there's a significant ‘gap’ in her touring schedule around Glasto 2024 time and she's overdue since she was meant to be headlining in 2020, then Covid happened). Whether or not this is true, we're sure the lineup will enough for another sell-out.

So, ready to start thinking about getting tickets for Glastonbury 2024? Here's everything you need to know including details on when tickets go on sale, how to register and more.

When will Glastonbury 2024 tickets go on sale?

OK, important info here, there aren't yet any details on when Glasto 2024 tickets are going on sale. From history, we know they usually go on sale a few months after the end of the previous festival, so likely to be around October or November 2023.

It's the coach packages that go on sale first with general admission tickets being released shortly after. Make sure you use the official website and not another rogue website that may well end up being a scam.

How much are Glastonbury 2024 tickets?

While we have no set confirmation, 2023 Glasto tickets cost £355 each, with a £5 booking fee. The prices may see an increase for 2024 - this definitely isn't a cheap festival.

How to get Glastonbury 2024 tickets

First things first, if you want a Glastonbury 2024 ticket you need to make sure you are registered and there's a time limit on this. A cut-off date for registering will be announced shortly - it's usually around the end of October. During registration, you'll be asked basic details and a passport-style photo. For anyone who has previously registered, you don't usually need to do this again but it's always worth double-checking. You can register for Glastonbury 2024 tickets here.

What are the Glastonbury 2024 dates?

While the dates haven’t been confirmed yet, almost every festival in the past has taken place on the last weekend of June so it's looking likely to be Wednesday June 26 to Sunday June 30 2024.

Where will Glastonbury 2024 be held?

Of course, everyone knows Glastonbury Festival takes place at Worthy Farm, just outside the village of Pilton in Somerset. It's on land that belongs to Michael Eavis, the festival's co-founder and a dairy farmer.