How To Conceive A Baby Girl – 5 Proven Methods

How To Conceive A Baby GirlBrowsing for tips and solutions on how to conceive a baby girl without medical help can be overwhelming and tiring for women interested in how to conceive a baby girl naturally, by simply doing some changes in their lifestyle or applying some home-based methods.

This is why we took the time to analyze the most popular methods on how to conceive a girl and to identify their pros and cons as well as their success rate. While some of these methods proved to be nothing but urban myths, others were actually found satisfactory by an impressive number of women who managed to conceive a girl using these techniques.

So here are the best ways to have a female baby without undergoing medical procedures!

How to conceive a baby girl by avoiding orgasm during intercourse

This may seem unfair but if you want to have a baby girl and not a boy, you have to avoid having orgasms during intercourse as they favor the release of certain substances inside the vagina, making the environment more alkaline.

As proven by scientific studies, alkaline environments are more favorable for male sperm than more female cells, while acid ones destroy male sperm and enhance the life span of cells carrying female chromosomes.

Also, contractions occurring during organism accelerate sperm’s movements, making it easier for the DNA-carrying cells to reach the released eggs and fertilize them. So if you’re looking for a simple and free method to show you how to conceive a girl baby without counting days, charting ovulation cycles and using supplements or medicines, this is by far the most accessible one.

Assuming you don’t find this method as attractive as scientists who discovered it, here’s some good news for you: intercourse without orgasm should only be practiced between day 14 and 20 of your menstrual cycle, which is the third week after the menstrual bleeding. In most women, this is the interval when ovulation occurs and eggs are released so outside this period you can enjoy both intercourse and orgasm.

How to conceive a girl by analyzing cervical mucus

Paying attention to changes in the consistency and appearance of cervical mucus is one of the simplest methods women can use for increasing the chances of having a baby girl. This method has the advantage of being easier to use than the calendar one as it involves no charting, no diet restrictions and meal plans – all one needs to do is to analyze the aspect of cervical mucus each morning.

Before and during ovulation, several physical changes occur inside the woman’s body and one of these changes refers to mucus covering the vaginal walls. This substance changes its color and becomes clearer, more slippery than usually and also more stretchy, resembling raw egg whites.

Mucus discharge increases near the most fertile day so you can easily identify your ovulation date by paying attention to this discharge and to the dryness of your cervix. As your fertile days approach, you’ll feel your intimate area wetter than usually. Right after ovulation mucus secretions start diminishing and the cervix becomes dryer.

So this is how to conceive a girl baby without tracking days, charting ovulation, giving up foods or taking dietary supplements.

How to conceive a baby girl naturally, by choosing the woman on top position

Just like the missionary position, this one is considered extremely effective when it comes to find the best solution on how to conceive a baby girl without relying on medicines, expensive treatments and invasive techniques. What makes the woman on top position so efficient?

In very simple words, the fact that penetration is less deep than in other positions makes it easier for female sperm to reach the ready to fertilize egg, as these sperm cells have a longer life span than male ones. Male sperm cells usually live for only 48 hours inside the vagina or fallopian tubes connecting the ovaries with the uterus and they move faster than female sperm cells.

So when a male sperm cell is released inside the vagina, it starts moving towards the fallopian tubes in order to find an egg for fertilization. But if no viable egg is present, these cells die within 48 hours. Female sperm cells continue to exist for at least 24 hours and they continue to move slowly towards the ovaries. Thus, when the egg is finally released, these cells have all the chances to fertilize it!

By choosing positions which allow a superficial penetration instead of a deeper one, female sperm cells are favored and the chances to conceive a girl are higher.

How to conceive a baby girl using the O+12 method

This method’s name comes from “ovulation + 12 hours”, as the woman who discovered and successfully applied this technique for having a girl had intercourse 12 hours after ovulation and not 3 days prior to it, as other methods recommend.
Less known than other methods, the O+12 technique was first used by a mom of six sons who desperately wanted to have a girl and tried all the available tips on how to conceive a girl baby with no success.

When she was in the doctor’s office, ready to have her fallopian tubes tied in order to prevent eggs from being released inside her uterus and therefore to prevent other pregnancies from occurring, she heard about a study taken in New Zealand on women who managed to give birth to baby girls after having 3 or more boys.

According to that study, women having sex 12 hours after ovulation had a greater success rate in conceiving female babies compared to those following more popular methods and tips on how to conceive a girl, such as the Shettles method.

How to conceive a baby girl by drinking mineral water

This may sound completely unscientific but the truth is mineral water is a great, proven ally for women trying to find the best tip and piece of advice on how to conceive a baby girl naturally. Compounds present in mineral water are the ones responsible for its great effectiveness in enhancing the lifespan of female sperm after ejaculation.

Mineral water is very rich in calcium and magnesium, both these substances being proven to favor the survival of cells carrying female-chromosomes. This is the reason lots of doctors recommend women trying to conceive a baby girl to eat foods rich in calcium, like dairy products and products with high magnesium content, like green vegetables.

Still, drinking mineral water is not enough when looking for the best solution on how to conceive a baby girl so if you want to make sure you’re successful from the first attempts, keeping an eye on your eating habits is also very important. To increase the chances of getting pregnant with a female baby, salt and caffeine intake should be drastically reduced near ovulation and more sweets should be consumed to ensure a more acid environment.

Also, avoiding foods rich in potassium seems to help as this mineral is linked with increased chances of conceiving baby boys. So if you’re willing to have a girl, you should avoid salmon, tuna, bananas, avocados, melons, juices obtained from carrots, tomatoes, prunes and oranges, chicken, beef and almonds.