How To Conceive A Girl – 5 Simple Tips

How To Conceive A GirlTips on how to conceive a girl are largely available today but not all of them are as effective as they claim to be. Having sex when full moon does not guarantee you’ll have a girl despite the urban legends pretending this and neither does sleeping on the right side of your partner.

But when looking for ways to have a baby girl, calendar methods and certain sexual positions can surely help. Some of the most popular scientifically proven yet easy to apply at home techniques are the Shettles’ method and the Whelan technique, both of them teaching women how to conceive a girl baby based on ovulation prediction.

So are you wondering how do you conceive a girl without the help of medical treatments and expensive techniques applied in the doctor’s office? Keep reading to find the best solutions!

How to conceive a girl using the missionary position

The fact that some sexual positions are more effective for making a baby girl is scientifically proven and argued, so if you’re looking for tips on how to make a female baby, you should start by choosing one of the most popular positions to conceive a girl: the missionary one.

Why is this considered good for having a female baby? Because sperm cells are deposited farther from the released egg which is ready to be fertilized. To reach the egg, sperm has to travel through the woman’s fallopian tubes and reach the womb but male sperm cells generally live less than female ones. So when fertilization occurs, only female sperm is present inside the womb – cells carrying Y or male chromosomes have already died out.

Female sperm moves slower than male one so by having intercourse in the missionary position, cells used to spend more time inside the vagina and fallopian tubes have greater chances to fertilize the egg compared to those who die in 24-48 hours after ejaculation.

Conceive a girl by adding lemon in the douching water

Another useful tip on how to conceive a girl naturally says you should add some lemon juice in the douching water before intercourse, in order to increase the acidity of the vaginal environment.

This simple technique is thought to alter the viability of sperm cells carrying male-chromosomes therefore to decrease the chances of having a baby boy by destroying sperm cells responsible for the male gender. With no male sperm cells inside the vaginal environment, chances for a female sperm cell to fertilize the released egg are extremely high.

So you can mix the juice from a lemon with warm water and take a vaginal douche right before intercourse, but make sure the solution is not too acid as this may alter the bacterial flora inside the cervix, resulting in infections.

If you’re not really willing to take such douches, you can simply add some lemons to your daily menu as this also increases the acidity inside your digestive tract, making it harder for cells carrying male-chromosomes to survive once released inside the vagina.

How do you conceive a girl with the Whelan method

The Whelan method is considered a great technique of gender selection due to the positive results it brought since it was first applied. Discovered and theorized by Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, a woman who also tried numerous other techniques, this method contradicts another very popular solution for having a female baby, which will also be described here – the Shettles technique.

Here’s what Dr. Whelan says: in order to enhance the chances of having a girl, intercourse should take place near ovulation, when the basal body temperature – which is nothing but your body temperature in the morning, before doing anything – is higher. This increased temperature seems to favor the survival of sperm carrying female-generating cells, so if you’re wondering how to conceive a girl baby, the answer offered by the Whelan method is by having sex 1-2 days near ovulation.

Unlike the Shettles method, which promises a 75-80% success rate, the Whelan technique only claims to have a 68% accuracy for boys and 57% accuracy for girls. Still, if you’re interested in conceiving a girl, calendar-based methods such as Shettles one and BBT-based methods like Whelan one can both be applied. But make sure you’re ready for a new baby in your family before trying these techniques as luck plays an important role as well!

The Shettles method for having a female baby

While the previously described technique said chances for having a girl are greater when intercourse takes place 3 to 2 days prior ovulation. According to Dr. Shettles, a couple trying to conceive a baby girl should have sex each day starting with the last day of menstrual discharge and ending 3 days before the release of the egg.

During ovulation – which in most women lasts around 6 days, intercourse should only take place if a condom is used as this way the only viable sperm cells remaining inside the vagina 3 days after the last unprotected sexual contact are female ones.

The Shettles technique also recommends shallow penetration and a position which allows sperm to be deposited closer to the vaginal opening and further from the fallopian tubes. Again, the explanation is quite simple: according to the doctor how discovered this method, vaginal acidity right near the cervix’ opening is higher so male sperm cells have lower chances to survive than female ones.

This successful method was detailed in a very popular book, so whether you’re looking for tips on how to get a baby girl or you’re interested in natural solutions to help you give birth to a boy, you may find Dr. Shettles’ recommendations extremely useful.

Increase the chances of giving birth to a girl by avoiding breakfast

Women looking for tips and strategies to help them get pregnant with a female baby should know there are not only medically proven methods but also lots of urban myths on this subject, so before actually trying less scientific methods, the potential mom should be completely sure she wants a baby as predicting the results of these techniques is quite impossible.

One of the so called myths for making a girl baby proposes skipping breakfast as a risk free solution for getting pregnant with a female baby. Although no scientific explanation is given for this theory, there are some statistical studies that suggest women skipping breakfast are more prone to giving birth to girls.

Scientists investigating the link between eating habits in moms with boys or girls stated that women eating smaller amounts of foods in the morning are more likely to have female babies, while those opting for larger breakfasts usually give birth to boys.

While research is still needed for proving this theory’s validity, women who are desperate to find the best methods can surely try this technique as well, as it’s completely non-invasive and causes no harm to the potential mother.