How To Conceive A Girl Diet – 5 Easy Tips

How To Conceive A Girl DietTo find the best natural solution on how to conceive a girl, diet should be the starting point as the vaginal environment’s pH can be greatly influenced by foods you eat while trying to get pregnant. Studies taken on the probability of selecting the baby’s gender through natural methods showed in order to conceive a baby girl, a couple has to stick to a more acidic meal plan for 2-3 months.

Your diet to conceive a girl should by no means include larger amounts of salt and alkaline foods, as these products are proven to favor sperm cells carrying Y or male chromosomes, thus they increase the chances of having a baby boy and not a girl. Also, foods with high potassium content should be avoided and coffee should be eliminated or replaced with decaffeinated types to favor female sperm cells.

But let’s now concentrate on the best foods to conceive a girl and see what science has to say about their influence on the baby’s gender!

How to conceive a girl – diet based on cottage and parmesan cheese

Cheese is considered one of the best foods for conceiving a female baby as it delivers important amounts of calcium, mineral known to favor the survival of female sperm cells. Cottage cheese and parmesan cheese are the most recommended products, as they’re pasteurized and acidic enough to be not only friendly for sperm carrying X chromosomes but also safe for the future mother, as it’s known some varieties of cheese and dairy products are considered threatening during and before pregnancy.

This happens because less acidic cheese is moister and provides a good environment for bacteria like listeria to grow and spread once the food is eaten. Pregnant women are advised to avoid this kind of cheese as the risk of miscarriage increases when such foods are included in the diet of a mom-to-be.

Cottage cheese and parmesan on the other hand are considered safe and healthy thanks to the process they’re made through. The first one is unpressed and contains one of the lowest concentrations of saturated fats and salt so it’s a good alternative for women looking for less caloric foods to conceive a girl.

Parmesan is also rich in calcium and delivers important amounts of proteins and phosphorus while keeping carbs and salt at a minimum. This is helpful when trying to have a girl as statistical data show women who gain less weight before and during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to female babies than heavier ones.

Include turkey and chicken in your diet to conceive a girl

While some say red meat is the best for women trying to conceive a baby girl, others recommend lean white meat as this is generally lighter and less likely to contain harmful bacteria. The truth lies somewhere in between, as both types of meat deliver important nutrients for moms-to-be and they both increase the acidity inside the digestive tract, making it easier for female sperm to survive.

However, lean meat is more recommended as it contains fewer calories thus prevents excess weight gain, heavier women being more prone to giving birth to boys. To make sure you get the most of the eaten meat, opt for grilled or baked chicken or turkey instead of fried meat.

Delicious foods to conceive a girl can be obtained by mixing boiled chicken with green leafy veggies, avocado and cottage cheese in a nourishing salad or by eating it with brown rice and a slightly sour sauce. Both turkey and chicken can be eaten daily although it’s better to only serve them twice or three times a week, to avoid routine and an excessive intake of proteins.

Conceive a baby girl by eating corn cereals at breakfast

Time for the third tip on how to conceive a girl – diet plans starting with rich in cereals breakfasts are proven to increase the chances of having a female baby, as long as the chosen cereals are not rich in sugars and contain high amounts of dietary fibers.

While some women avoid corn cereals due to their calorie count, dieticians and obstetricians actually recommend these products to women trying to conceive or already pregnant due to their high concentration of phosphorus, iron, cooper, zinc and magnesium. Didn’t we already say how important magnesium is for conceiving a girl?

Corn cereals can make a perfect breakfast when looking into how to conceive a girl. Diet plans based on these products ensure optimum energy levels throughout the day so besides increasing the chances of having a female baby, they also keep hunger pangs away as it is known fatigue and tiredness often lead to emotional eating and consequently to weight gain.

How to conceive a girl – diet plan including plums and prunes

These two fruits are considered among the best foods to conceive a girl as they increase acidity inside the stomach and vagina, favoring the growth of bacteria which is unfriendly to male sperm yet allows female sperm to survive and make its way towards the fallopian tubes, in order to meet the unfertilized egg.

Both these fruits deliver high amounts of vitamin B and dietary fibers, being great allies for women worrying about weight gain before and during pregnancy. As already said, excess pounds and obesity reduce the chances of having female babies so by sticking to a low calorie diet, consisting mostly in fruits, veggies, lean meat and low in fat dairy products, one can considerably increase their chances of giving birth to baby girls.

However, given that both prunes and plums are sources of potassium as well, they should be consumed in lower quantities than berries and citrus fruits, just to make sure the vaginal environment is maintained acidic and doesn’t become slightly alkaline.

Although fresh plumes and prunes ensure a higher dose of vitamins and fibers, eating them raw may cause digestive discomfort and bloating so you can also opt for homemade compote or smoothies in which you can add some low fat yogurt or milk.

Foods to conceive a girl – greens

Very rich in vitamin A, C and folate and delivering impressive amounts of manganese and fibers, greens are surely recommended to women looking into the best diet to conceive a girl as besides being very healthy, they’re also poor in calories therefore they don’t add extra pounds when eaten regularly.

Collard greens are probably the most renowned and loved foods from this group as they can be added into tasty salads with almonds, lemons and why not, chicken or tuna. But kale and mustard greens are just as healthy and helpful when it comes to conceiving a female baby as they deliver the same minerals and nutrients, ensuring a friendly environment for sperm cells carrying female chromosomes.

If you’re not really into salads and don’t like steamed veggies either, you can opt for green smoothies. Blueberries and mangos can also be added into these vitamins cocktails in order to make the products even friendlier to female sperm.

So if you’re wondering how to conceive a girl, diet plans based on greens are an excellent choice!