How To Fall Pregnant With A Girl – 7 Powerful Techniques

How To Fall Pregnant With A GirlWhen trying to find new solutions on how to fall pregnant with a girl, you might feel discouraged by the multitude of alternatives, as not all of them are sustained by scientific arguments.

However, there are lots of natural products, food and other home tips you can apply for increasing the chances of having a female baby, as you’ll see immediately. The effectiveness of some of these natural products was proven scientifically, while others were recommended by women who, just like you, searched for new tips on how to get a baby girl.

How To Fall Pregnant With A Girl By Getting More Magnesium

Our first recommendation for women wondering how to conceive a girl naturally is to add more magnesium to their diet, as this mineral is essential for conceiving female babies. As scientists have shown, magnesium is able to change the pH of the reproductive tract and bodily fluids, making them more acidic.

As a result, the mineral supports better the survival and traveling of female sperm, making the internal environment less friendly to male sperm. Thus, it becomes easier for cells carrying the X chromosomes to survive inside the vagina and reach the released eggs.

Magnesium can be taken from dietary supplements and for best results it should be mixed with calcium supplements. Obviously you can also take these two minerals directly from nature by adjusting your diet.

Best Time To Get Pregnant With A Girl Are Even Numbered Days

A less known suggestion for women who are curious to know how to fall pregnant with a girl refers to having intercourse on even numbered days. This tip has absolutely no scientific proof to support it but lots of women say they managed to conceive female babies when doing so.

Surely, if you aren’t willing to take risks, it’s better not to go with popular wisdom and to rely on more scientific arguments, but if you want to get pregnant and aren’t necessarily concerned about your baby’s gender, it’s surely worth giving this tip on how to become pregnant with a girl a try as well.

How To Conceive A Girl Naturally By Eating Fewer Salty Snacks

Previously we discussed the best time to get pregnant with a girl, so let’s move to another tip regarding your diet for female baby conception. Salty foods, as great as they are when eaten between meals, aren’t your best allies, as they alter the pH of your body and make it friendlier to male sperm.

Therefore, if you want to get pregnant with a girl, you should reduce the intake of salty chips, snacks and biscuits, and eat more acidic foods, such as fruits for example, when you crave for a snack.
Also, pay attention to the salt content in your veggies, meat, dairy or canned products, as these often provide important amounts of sodium which add up. Given that sodium turns the pH into a more alkaline one, it’s recommended to keep the intake at a minimum.

How To Get Pregnant With A Baby Girl By Eating More Kale

Eating more kale can be a solution for women wondering ‘how can I have a baby girl?’, as this veggie provides important amounts of acidizing ingredients, which can lower the pH of their bodily fluids and membrane lining the reproductive tract, making it friendlier to female sperm cells.

Then, kale provides lots of minerals and vitamins that support pregnancy in general and the conception of baby girls more specifically. When eaten raw, in salads or fresh smoothies and juices, this veggie is a great fertility booster and also very good in detoxifying the body and preparing it for the healthy development of the pregnancy.

As previously said, magnesium is needed for conceiving female babies and kale provides this mineral in high amounts: 100 grams of this veggie have 23 mg of magnesium and no less than 90
mg of calcium, the other mineral considered essential for getting pregnant with baby girls.

What To Eat To Conceive A Girl? More Yogurt

Yogurt and dairy products should be present daily in your menu if you’re curious to know how to get pregnant with a baby girl, as these are among the best sources of calcium and as you probably know already, this mineral is necessary for conceiving baby girls.

Yogurt provides not only calcium but also good fats that support pregnancy and other minerals and vitamins, depending on its composition. Make sure to opt for products that are less processed and contain fewer calories.

Yogurt not only changes your body pH but it also restores the normal bacterial flora in your organism, helping in the prevention of health issues that could interfere with pregnancy, such as yeast infections for example.

How Can I Have A Baby Girl: Eat Spinach More Often

Just like the previously mentioned kale, spinach is another vegetable recommended to women wondering how to fall pregnant with a girl, mainly due to its high content of magnesium. In fact, spinach is one of the best sources of this mineral you can find in nature, so why not take advantage of its properties?

100 grams of spinach eaten daily can provide important minerals and vitamins to your body, boosting fertility, enhancing the health of your reproductive tract and making it easier to get pregnant with a female baby.

Moreover, spinach is poor in calories, so it definitely won’t compromise your body weight. You can even try a quick weight loss diet with spinach, kale and other such veggies, if you’re overweight and trying to conceive a girl.

How To Become Pregnant With A Girl By Eating Berries

Last recommendation refers to eating more berries, so if you’re wondering what to eat to conceive a girl, here’s the answer: goji berries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, they’re all excellent for increasing the odds of giving birth to female babies.

Berries change the vaginal pH into a more acidic one, so they make it more difficult for male sperm to survive and travel towards the ovule for fertilization. Also, these fruits provide low amounts of calories, so they’re great for staying in shape and even dropping some pounds.

As you know, women with excess weight are more likely to have boys, so you can start by replacing your highly caloric snacks with berries. This way you kill two birds with one stone!