How To Get A Baby Girl – 7 Easy Ways To Conceive A Girl

How To Get A Baby GirlWomen wondering how to get a baby girl can benefit a lot from a series of foods and natural products that are very affordable, easy to prepare, healthy and able to turn the internal environment into a place that’s friendlier to sperm cells carrying the X chromosomes.

So if you’re curious to learn how to fall pregnant with a girl by relying on natural solutions only, take a look at our recommendations below. Most of these suggestions are based on scientific studies and have been proven to work in lots of women all over the world.

How To Get A Baby Girl With Dietary Supplements

Our first tip refers to dietary supplements that can boost your fertility, enhance the functioning of the reproductive tract and make it more likely to get pregnant with a female baby. Women wondering how to get a baby girl should take vitamin C, calcium and magnesium supplements, as these are the most important for the conception of female babies.

These minerals and vitamins can be taken from foods, but often they’re not eaten in the proper amounts, and this can alter the normal functioning of the reproductive system. This is why lots of women who apparently have a healthy diet don’t manage to conceive.

Magnesium and calcium have been found by scientists to change the composition of the mucus in the reproductive tract and its consistency, making it easier for female sperm to reach the ovule and decreasing the chances for male sperm cells to survive inside the vagina.

How To Conceive A Girl Naturally By Using Lubricants

Oil-based lubricants can help you conceive a female baby, as they can change the consistency of the vaginal mucus and make it easier for female sperm to travel towards the ovules. So if you’re curious to learn how to try for a baby girl, try using a lubricant that contains oil and has a slightly acidic character.

This way you’ll not only help the female sperm move easier inside the reproductive tract, but you’ll also ensure a lower pH, which is needed for the conception of girl babies.

How To Try For A Baby Girl By Watching Your Basal Body Temperature

Charting your basal body temperature is a good solution on how to conceive a girl naturally as it will indicate the most fertile days or more specifically, the days when you ovulate.
You probably know that for conceiving baby girls, you need to have intercourse 3-4 days before ovulation, then restrain from intimate contact until the egg is released, as this way female sperm has better chances to survive inside the vagina and fertilize the egg.

Tips For Getting A Baby Girl: Eat More Grains

Grains are often avoided by women trying to get pregnant as they can be quite rich in calories and thus lead to weight gain. However, studies have shown that eating grains on a daily basis can actually be a solution on how to get a baby girl, thanks to the effects of these foods on the body pH.

Grains are acidic and thus turn the internal environment into a more acidic one, decreasing the chances for male sperm cells to survive long enough in order to fertilize the released egg. On the other hand, female sperm, which is larger and has a longer life span, is more likely to survive in an acidic environment and thus the odds of giving birth to female babies are higher.

So if you want to conceive a girl, you can opt for a breakfast consisting in two slices of whole bread and some healthy fats, such as salmon and cheese cream. This way you’ll also get some calcium and magnesium, both necessary for female baby conception.

Diet To Get A Girl Baby Must Include More Salmon

Salmon is not only very healthy and rich in fatty acids, proteins and vitamin D, but also able to change the internal pH into a more acidic one, which means it can make the body friendlier to female sperm cells.

So if you’re searching for natural tips for getting a baby girl, adding salmon to your menu more often could be a winning strategy. The fish is poor in calories so it won’t add pounds to your weight and provides important fatty acids that should be incorporated by all women wondering how to get a baby girl, in their daily menu.

Still, make sure to opt for canned salmon or fresh fish, and not for smoked salmon, as the latest often contains high amounts of sodium. You can eat the salmon with salads, eggs, green veggies, lemons and avocado.

How To Get Pregnant With A Girl Baby By Eating Beans

Another recommendation regarding the diet to get a girl baby refers to beans, which should also be consumed regularly for increasing the odds of having a female baby. According to scientists, these foods provide high amounts of fats that are necessary for a healthy pregnancy and are poor in calories, so they’re good for keeping your weight under control as well.

Kidney beans, black beans, navy and soya beans, pinto and red beans are all recommended to women trying to have baby girls. These foods are very rich in magnesium, which we already said it’s crucial for supporting the survival of female sperm cells inside the reproductive tract and for making the mucous membrane friendlier to cells carrying the X-chromosomes.

How To Get A Baby Girl By Drinking More Milk

Our last suggestion refers to another food or better said, beverage that can make a very affordable and convenient solution to how to get pregnant with a girl baby: milk. You already know that dairy products are good for conceiving a female baby as they’re rich in calcium and vitamins that support pregnancy.

But why not get this mineral directly from milk? Organic milk or low-fat milk are two good choices, depending on your tolerance to lactose and body weight. Besides being rich in calcium, milk is also acidic, so it makes the bodily fluids and membranes more acidic and friendlier to female sperm.

A glass of milk added to your breakfast on a daily basis is enough for helping your body conceive a female baby and won’t have any undesired effect on your weight. But make sure to watch the total intake of dairy products, and opt for less processed yogurts and cheese, to prevent excessive acidity.