How To Have A Girl Baby Naturally – 7 Effective Ways

How To Have A Girl BabyWondering how to have a girl baby using only natural solutions, like foods, herbs or plant-based supplements, sexual positions or natural planning?

Good news is there are plenty of alternatives when it comes to selecting your baby’s gender and even if not all of them guarantee that you’ll conceive a girl, they can surely increase the odds of having a female baby instead of a male one.

So if you’ve been trying to have a baby girl but all the methods you’ve applied by now failed, check the recommendations below.

How To Have A Girl Baby: Drink More Fluids

The recommendation of drinking more fluids doesn’t contradict the scientific proofs saying that a better nourished and hydrated body, and implicitly reproductive tract, is more likely to support the conception of a baby boy instead of a girl.

Drinking more water does help in choosing your baby’s gender and in giving birth to a female baby as water allows your body to absorb calcium in a more efficient manner. As you probably know by now, calcium and magnesium are the most important nutrients for women looking into how to have a girl baby.

So if you only have 4 glasses of water per day, you shouldn’t be surprised if your calcium levels drop and you fail in conceiving a girl. On the contrary, if your water intake is as recommended, meaning 8-10 glasses per day or even more if you’re more active, your chances of conceiving a female baby increase significantly.

How To Conceive A Baby Girl: Eat More Beef

Meat in general and beef in this case is considered one of the best foods for conceiving a baby girl as it creates an acidic environment inside the woman’s body, making it quite difficult for male sperm to survive and to travel towards the egg for fertilization.

Beef can be incorporated in your menu as often as you want but it’s better to only have it 3 times a week or so, as it’s not digested as fast as poultry for example and doesn’t provide all the nutrients found in fish or seafood.

So the best strategy is to eat more beef for acidifying your reproductive tract but at the same time to try to alternate the types of meat you eat, just to make sure you get all the nutrients these foods can provide.

How To Make A Baby Girl: Have Sex 4 Days Before Ovulation

Having intimate contact 4 days before ovulation is probably the surest natural method for conceiving a baby girl and not a boy as this way male sperm has very little chances to survive inside the vagina until the egg is released.

Male sperm is more fragile, more lightweight and smaller than female sperm, so it requires a better nourished environment to survive inside the reproductive tract and fertilize the egg.

But the lifespan of male sperm, regardless of how nourished or lubricated the vagina is, remains limited to 48 hours or so, which means even if you apply all the tips for conceiving a boy but have sex only 4 days before ovulation and then avoid sexual contact, you’ll most likely give birth to a girl.

How To Get Pregnant With A Girl: The Lotus Position

The lotus position is one of the numerous sexual positions recommended for conceiving a female baby. The general rule says a couple should adopt a position that allows for shallow penetration if they’re trying to make a baby girl and a position that allows for deeper penetration if the purpose of baby-making sex is to conceive a male baby.

This position gives the woman the possibility of controlling the depth so it’s a good choice if you’re planning to have a baby girl. The missionary position is also a great alternative, so you can spice up your routine by alternating these positions and trying new ones that follow the previously mentioned rule.

How To Have A Baby Girl Naturally: Eat Oysters

Oysters are rich in vitamin A, B12, folate, vitamin D, C and E. Also, they provide important concentrations of selenium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, potassium, cooper, sodium, manganese and selenium.

But besides these nutrients, oysters provide the two minerals considered essential for the conception of a female baby: 112 mg of calcium per 100 grams of oysters, respectively 117 mg of magnesium per 100 grams of oysters.

These two minerals create a proper environment for the female sperm, while decreasing the chances for male sperm to survive long enough for reaching the viable egg and fertilizing it. So incorporating oysters in your weekly menu can be a good strategy if you’re wondering how to have a girl baby naturally.

Best Way to Conceive A Girl: Drink Soy Milk

Milk is recommended to all women trying to get pregnant with baby girls as it provides important amounts of calcium, nutrient required for the conception of a female baby. Also, dairy products are considered a top choice thanks to their nutrients and ability of making the vaginal pH more acidic.

But what about soy milk – does it provide the same benefits? Is this product good for selecting the baby’s gender and conceiving a female baby? Scientists say it is so if you’re not really a fan of regular milk, you can try soy milk!

Besides providing important amounts of calcium, iron, vitamins from the B-complex, cooper and manganese, soy milk also has the advantage of being free of gluten, casein and lactose, which means it’s less likely to cause digestive issues.

Best Way To Have A Girl Baby: Eat Scallops

Scallops are our last recommendation for women trying to find the best way to have a girl baby. These foods are also important sources of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, cooper and zinc, 100 grams of scallops containing 33 mg of calcium, 16 mg of magnesium and high amounts of the other minerals mentioned before.

Scallops are also a good source of amino acids and proteins, promoting the health of skin, hair and bones, connective tissues, digestive tract and muscles. Nutrients in these foods relieve anxiety, reduce stress, elevate mood and regulate appetite, enhancing the overall health state.

So if you want to make sure your body is ready to support a pregnancy and to carry the baby to term, ensuring a healthy development of the embryo, add scallops to your weekly menu. They’ll also help your body in becoming friendlier to female sperm and more hostile to male sperm, so they’re a great choice for women wondering how to have a girl baby naturally.