How To Make A Girl Baby – 5 Powerful Tips

"HowSearching for tips on how to make a girl baby can be fun for women who never gave birth or only had sons but for those who constantly applied the so called best ways to conceive a girl without success, this is surely a tiring and stressful task.

When you already have three boys waiting at home, you don’t really feel like letting it all to chance, do you? For women in this situation, trying desperately to answer the question “how can I conceive a girl” without paying a fortune or medical procedures”, relying only on fresh green veggies and drinking three cups of milk daily doesn’t sound very scientific and promising.

We know how tough identifying a real solution to conceive a baby girl can be so this is why we created a brief list of recommendations on how to make a baby girl by paying attention both to the eaten foods and to the positions adopted during intercourse. So make sure you take the time to read it if you want to finally give birth to a baby daughter!

How to make a girl baby? Slow the pace

While there doesn’t seem to be a very scientific explanation for this, statistics show making love in a more romantic atmosphere, with candlelight and slow music actually increases the likelihood of conceiving a baby girl. As opposite to this, a spontaneous and quick intercourse is linked with the conception of baby boys.

Women succeeding in having a girl with this method think the explanation is quite simple: the best ways to conceive a girl are to make love and to act the way a women would like to act. In other words, tenderness, intimacy, sweet talks and a slow pace of penetration should not miss from your love making ritual.

But this is quite time consuming and both you and your partner are busy people who don’t really have time to do this day after day, right? Don’t worry – as long as you can plan a romantic love making night right before ovulation, you should considerably increases the chances to conceive a baby girl.

So make sure you know your body good enough to predict the most fertile days correctly and then prepare the room, the wine and the music for the most romantic date you ever had. If you’re doing it right, soon enough you’ll be searching for pink accessories for your daughter to be!

Best ways to conceive a girl – eat lots of tomatoes!

Instead of keep asking yourself “how can I conceive a girl”, you should start doing some changes in your eating habits as it’s well know some foods are able to create a more favorable environment for X sperm than for cells carrying Y (male) chromosomes.

Tomatoes are on the list for sure as they’re slightly acidic and they can change the pH of your intestinal tract and vagina as well. By eating one serving of tomatoes per day you can increase the chances of having a female baby without having to spend a fortune on fertilization and gender selection techniques.

Eating raw tomatoes is the best as this way you benefit not only from their ability of increasing vaginal acidity but also from their high content of vitamins and minerals. However, if you don’t like their taste and you’re not really a salad lover, you can opt for grilled ones mixed with grilled chicken, avocado and olives. This combination is ideal for women trying to get pregnant with a girl baby as all the mentioned products favor female sperm instead of male cells.

On the other hand, if you do love salads, mixing tomatoes with green salad, cucumbers, turkey or canned tuna, corn and lemon juice and serving this tasty meal daily considerably increases your chances of having a girl.

How to make a girl baby? Alternate unprotected with protected sex

Although this technique is less popular compared to more scientific methods, such as the Shettles method, it does seem to increase the probability of conceiving a female baby for a simple reason: by having sex more frequently, male chromosomes – which are weaker and less numerous – have lower chances to make it to the egg and fertilize it.

But in order to make sure only female sperm cells reach inside the vagina when your partner ejaculates, having unprotected sex is not recommended before the ovulation date. So right before the menstrual cycle ends, try to have only protected sex for at least 7-8 days as this way male chromosomes will be eliminated and female ones, which are stronger and more resistant, will survive.

So when you finally have unprotected sex, cells reaching inside the vagina will carry female chromosomes therefore they’ll result into a little daughter. If you find it unpleasant to use condoms, try not to have sex at all for a couple of days before ovulation and ask your partner not to ejaculate while waiting for the big day.

This is one of the best ways to conceive a girl naturally, as the number of sperm cells carrying X (female) chromosomes will be higher than the number of cells responsible for the conception of baby boys.

How to make a baby girl? Have intercourse while showering

It’s scientifically proven that X chromosomes, which are responsible for the female gender, like warmer temperatures and environments so by having intercourse while taking a hot bath or shower with your partner you can surely increase the chances to conceive a baby girl. But even if you don’t feel like doing this, don’t worry, there are other ways to favor female sperm instead of male one.

You can ask your partner to take a hot bath before making love and to wear tight underwear as this also ensures a warmer environment and makes it more difficult for sperm cells carrying male chromosomes to survive. Also, keeping the room’s temperature higher than usually for a few days before ovulation seems to positively influence female sperm, for the same reasons mentioned above.

One of the best ways to conceive a girl is to combine this method with another technique known to reduce the survival chances of male sperm: acidic douches. All you have to do is add some lemon juice or vinegar into the bathing water and take a douche right before intercourse. This way the vaginal environment becomes friendlier to female sperm thus the likelihood to conceive a daughter increases.

Conceive a baby girl with planned sex

We reached the end of our brief list of tips so it’s time to stop asking ‘how do I conceive a girl’ and start acting in this purpose! And what is the best way to achieve this goal if not having sex as often as possible? You may find it exciting at first and tiring after a few months but remember that nothing comes without a price and do your best to increase the chances of having a girl!

You don’t even have to enjoy it, they say, as it is proven women who don’t orgasm during intercourse are more likely to give birth to daughters than those who do. So plan everything, from the day and hour when both you and your partner are home and have some free minutes to the foods you eat the days before and the lubricant you use when things become less slippery.

Make it acid – the douching water, the tea and salads, the lubricant, all excepting your conversation has to be as acidic as possible to make a girl. And if you hate planned dates and planned sex, just pretend you’re playing a role and get some hot costumes for you and your partner. This way the sex drive will remain elevated for longer and you’ll no longer need to look for tips on how to make a girl baby, as pregnancy will surely occur sooner or later, as planned!