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Lady Gaga just shared stunning makeup-free selfies to sell you makeup

This is brilliant, actually.
Lady Gaga Just Shared Stunning MakeupFree Selfies to Sell You Makeup
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Lady Gaga wants you to know she has beautiful, glowy skin underneath her signature dramatic makeup looks.

On June 7, Gaga celebrated the launch of her “clean beauty” brand Haus Labs at Sephora UK by sharing a couple of fresh-faced selfies on Instagram. In the photos the superstar lies back in a pink sweater, her platinum hair strewn across her pillow in loose, undone waves. Her blemish-free skin appeared to be makeup-less, though it's hard to imagine those glossy lips were bare of any product. Even so, the photos practically screamed, “I woke up like this.”

“I’ve always been so inspired by beauty and fashion from the UK, and how bold and innovative it is,” she wrote in her caption. “I started @hauslabs as a company that is also bold and innovative in its artistry and formulas, combining beautiful colors with skin-loving ingredients that make our makeup good for your skin!”

Makeup that enhances your skin instead of causing breakouts? Now that's just good marketing in the TikTok era of 10-step skincare routines. “My skin started to heal after the day your company sent me your foundation,” TV personality Nicky Monet commented on the post. “Here we are months later with no redness from rosacea, I am very honored that you changed my life like I told you in Vegas last year however you have seem to do it again. Congrats on a wonderful launch.”

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This post comes a few months after Lady Gaga seemed to accomplish the impossible at the Academy Awards: going completely bare-faced for her Oscars performance shortly after walking the red carpet in a bold red lip and dramatic black smokey eye.

“Everything about it was authentically her,” makeup artist Sarah Tanno told People at the time, revealing that she removed Lady Gaga's stage makeup using a combination of makeup wipes and an unnamed dry argan oil product. Sarah added, “She wasn't afraid of seeing any imperfections, she actually welcomed them."

This article originally appeared on GLAMOUR.