Lily Collins has somehow managed to make milkmaid braids goth

She said screw bright colours for spring.
Lily Collins Somehow Managed to Make Milkmaid Braids Goth
Theo Wargo

Typically, when spring and summer seasons roll around, folks will leave darker lipsticks and eye shadows behind for brighter colours. But beauty has no rules, as evidenced by Lily Collins, who ditched the neon pigments for dark lips and goth makeup in her latest look.

Collins wore dark makeup with an all-black ensemble for the Max Mara Resort 2024 Collection fashion show last week. Makeup artist Aurélie Payen, who also serves as the makeup department head for Emily in Paris, painted Collins's lips with a deep burgundy lipstick in a glossy finish. On the actor's eyes, she blended peach hues with a glittery pigment. The softness of her eye makeup contrasted beautifully with her darker lips. You'll have to look up close to see this next detail. Payen coated her top lashes with a burgundy colour similar to the one on Collins's lips.

Lily Collins paired her shimmery eyes and dark glossy lips with a braided hairstyle that looked like an edgy remix of milkmaid braids. It's hard to tell how exactly hairstylist Mike Desir achieved this style, but you can see a braid on either side of her head that seems connected to a small braided topknot.

It appears that Desir braided one plait at her hairline, while the other one was further back on her crown. On the side with the braid at her crown, a few short pieces of side-swept hair formed wispy side bangs that barely grazed her brows.

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There's no knowing where these braids started and ended, but the end result was this super cute intricate hairstyle that we need a tutorial on ASAP. The apparent randomness of her hair was perfect for this goth look that would make even Wednesday Addams proud.

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