Positions To Conceive A Baby Girl – 7 Proven Methods

Positions To Conceive A Baby GirlTrying out new positions to conceive a baby girl can be fun and exciting for you and your partner, but you should know that not any position will do it when it comes to selecting your baby’s gender as precisely as possible.

While some positions are better for increasing the odds of having male babies, others are known as positions to conceive a girl baby. It’s therefore important to know how to differentiate these in order to get the most of your intimate contacts.

Remember that sperm cells are slightly different in terms of life span, speed and dimensions. Male sperm cells are more fragile but faster and they usually survive fewer days inside the reproductive tract, while female sperm cells are heavier but survive more so they have better chances to fertilize the eggs when the environmental conditions aren’t very friendly.

Positions To Conceive A Baby Girl Use Shallow Penetration

First recommendation refers to some positions to get pregnant with a girl: the general rule says that in order to have baby girls, the man needs to place sperm farther from the ovaries.

By doing so, the distance that needs to be traveled by sperm in order to reach the ovules is longer so the female sperm is more likely to survive long enough for fertilizing the egg. Male sperm is, indeed, faster, but doesn’t only survive enough inside the vagina for traveling all that distance.

So this is why it’s recommended to adopt positions that allow for deep penetration for male babies, and for shallow penetration for giving birth to girl babies.

Positions To Get Pregnant With A Girl: Hands And Knees

Although most couples prefer the missionary and spoon positions to conceive a baby girl, these aren’t the only recommended ones for increasing the odds of getting pregnant with a female baby.

The hands and knees position can be just as effective as the penetration isn’t very deep and thus sperm can be placed near the vaginal entrance. This way female sperm, which survives for longer inside the vaginal environment, has better chances to reach the ovules and fertilize them.

So if you’re searching for natural solutions to having a baby girl, try to alternate your usual positions and give this one a try.

How To Become Pregnant With A Girl With Prunes

Eating more prunes and plums can be just as effective as adopting the best positions to have a baby girl as these fruits are rich in ingredients that increase the acidity of the internal environment and decrease the chances for male sperm to survive long enough inside the vagina.

Prunes have a high content of fibers and vitamin B, being very useful for replacing sweet and highly caloric snacks and controlling your weight. As you probably know, women who have excess pounds are more likely to give birth to boys, so you should keep your weight under control if you want a girl.

The easiest way to do this and drop some pounds is to cut on calories by replacing the less healthy snacks in your menu with healthier alternatives, such as prunes. This way you help your body be better prepared for the conception of a female baby.

Positions To Have A Baby Girl Include The Lotus Position

The lotus position is a great recommendation for those of you wondering how to conceive a girl naturally, as it allows you to control penetration and more important, it guarantees shallow penetration, which is needed for placing sperm farther from the fallopian tubes where eggs are released.

By placing sperm near the ovaries, male cells are more likely to reach the ovules first and give birth to male babies. So for girl babies, your partner needs to place sperm near the vaginal entrance and the lotus position is great for this. ‘

How To Conceive A Girl Naturally By Having Shower Sex

Having intercourse while showering can help you increase your chances of having a female baby, as this allows for female sperm to survive but reduces the odds for male sperm cells to reach inside the vagina and fertilize the eggs.

As you know, female sperm is bigger and less fragile than male sperm cells, so when the temperature is higher, the male sperm cells are more likely to die first. This is why it’s recommended for women wondering ‘how do I conceive a girl’ to opt for higher temperatures when having intercourse.

Wearing some tight underwear can also help, and increasing the bedroom temperature can be useful for boosting the chances of giving birth to a female baby, for the reasons already mentioned above.

How Do I Conceive A Girl By Slowing Down The Pace

Besides adopting the right positions to conceive a baby girl, it’s also important for women wondering how to produce a girl baby to know that the pace of your intimate contacts can also influence the baby’s gender.

It is thought that slowing down the rhythm is more likely to lead to the conception of female babies. Also, it’s helpful to restrain from orgasm, as the contraction of muscles inside the vagina make it easier for sperm to reach inside the fallopian tubes and speed up the traveling of male sperm, which is more lightweight than female sperm cells.

If you avoid orgasm and adopt a slower pace, female sperm has better chances to survive inside the reproductive tract and to travel towards the ovaries for fertilizing the egg.

How To Produce A Girl Baby By Eating More Tomatoes

Tomatoes are known to lower the internal pH and make it more acidic, so if you’re wondering how to become pregnant with a girl, it may be helpful to add some tomatoes to your daily menu. Eat them raw, in salads, or prepare healthy sauces, and take advantage of their multiple health benefits.

Besides making the vaginal fluids and mucous more acidic, tomatoes also provide minerals and vitamins that can enhance the overall health and increase the chances of having a baby.

For a more intense effect, eat them with dairy products: which provide calcium, or with meat, as this is also acidic and will reduce the odds for male sperm to survive inside the vagina, increasing the odds of having a girl.