Positions To Conceive A Girl Baby – 7 Easy Techniques

Positions To Conceive A Girl BabyAdopting the most recommended positions to conceive a girl baby can be a wining card for you and your partner, if you’re searching for natural solutions to determining your baby’s gender.

However, this isn’t always enough and you may need to mix these recommendations with other solutions, mostly regarding your lifestyle habits and your diet. While some of the positions to conceive a baby girl can do all the work, others can’t really guarantee you’ll get pregnant with a female baby.

This is why it’s always better to adopt a more complex approach and pay attention to all aspects that could be influencing your chances of having a boy or girl.

Positions To Conceive A Girl Baby: Missionary Position

Among the most recommended positions for getting pregnant with a girl is the missionary one, which allows for a less deep penetration, making it less likely for male sperm to reach the ovules before female sperm and thus increasing the odds of having a female baby.

Given that female sperm cells are larger and heavier, they travel slower than male sperm cells, but on the other hand, they survive more inside the vagina, so if positions that allow for deep penetration are better for making boys, those that place sperm closer to the vaginal entrance are recommended for conceiving girls.

Positions For Getting Pregnant With A Girl: Women On Top

Just like the previously mentioned position, this one is recommended for increasing the chances of having a female baby as it follows the general rules for positions to get a baby girl: it places sperm farther from the fallopian tubes, through which ovules travel in order to reach the uterus after being released from the ovaries.

Positions like women on top allow you to control the depth of penetration, making it easier to conceive female babies. And to maximize the chances of having a girl, you can associate this tip with the recommendation to have intercourse only 3-4 days before ovulation and then avoid sexual contact until the egg is released.

How Can I Have A Baby Girl By Tracking Changes In Cervical Mucus

Knowing your body is definitely essential if you’re searching for tips and tricks to conceive a girl, as even if you adopt the most recommended positions to conceive a girl baby, unless you know when your most fertile days are and when you shouldn’t have intercourse.

Changes in cervical mucus can tell you when your ovulation approaches, so when you notice that the consistency and appearance of the mucus is different than usually, you should avoid having intimate contact.

Restraining from intercourse near ovulation is quite a sure method to conceive a girl, as female sperm survives inside the reproductive tract up to 4 days, while male sperm dies a lot faster. If you avoid sexual contact near ovulation and have sex only 3-4
days prior to the release of the egg, chances for male sperm to survive are quite low and you can get pregnant with a girl.

Positions To Get A Baby Girl Include The Spoon Position

Another recommended position for women wondering how to become pregnant with a girl is the spoon position, which also allows for the woman to control the depth of the penetration and thus makes it easier for the man to place the sperm nearer to the vaginal entrance.

Male sperm cells travel faster but they’re more fragile and have a shorter life span than female cells, so when sperm is placed nearer to the vaginal opening, it’s easier for female sperm to travel towards the ovaries and fallopian tubes, as male sperm cells rarely manage to survive that much.

How To Become Pregnant With A Girl Using The Chinese Wisdom

The Chinese baby calendar is used by Asian women for hundreds of years as one of the most effective tips to get pregnant with a girl, although there’s no scientific base supporting this belief.

What does this method say? Basically it says that some days of the month are better for conceiving girls, while others are more recommended for boy baby making. Moreover, this method says the month also matters and the mother’s age is another important factor when it comes to giving birth to a girl or boy.

So if you plan using this strategy, you should know you’ll only be allowed to have intimate contact on specific days and months, as your age and the desired baby gender will indicate.

Tricks To Conceive A Girl: Choose The Right Underwear

If you’re wondering ‘how can I have a baby girl?’ and you’re searching for natural and affordable tips for this, you should suggest your partner to start wearing tight underwear, as this increases the body temperature and makes it more difficult for male sperm to survive.

Male sperm is more fragile than female sperm so when the conditions aren’t so friendly, male cells die first. Wearing tight underwear increases the temperature in the intimate area, so it decreases the sperm count and also the odds of having male babies.

An alternative to this tip refers to hot showers, which are also useful in decreasing the chances of having baby boys and helping you get pregnant with a girl. Still, note that it’s your partner who should be taking the hot bath or shower, in order for the male sperm count to decrease.

Tips To Get Pregnant With A Girl: Avoid Alkaline Foods

We already mentioned a few positions to conceive a girl baby, but as said in the beginning, it’s better to adopt a complex approach to this problem. Switching to an acid diet can be helpful for conceiving a baby girl as alkaline foods are more likely to support the survival of male sperm, while acidic one to increase the odds of having female babies.

You should therefore try to eat more meat, dairy products and citrus fruits known to lower the pH of your bodily fluids and membrane lining the reproductive tract, as this way the internal environment will be friendlier to cells carrying the X chromosomes.