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This Sam Mcknight Sundaze Sea Spray promises to give you the beach waves of your dreams

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Tis' that time of the year, where the sun is out, summer manis are on, skin is sun-kissed, but your hair… is not thriving. Fear not, as Sam McKnight knows a thing or two about a good hair day. Or at the very least the secrets to alleviate frizz. Following the popularity of the Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo, £12 and the Cool Girl Texture Mist, £12, Hair by Sam McKnight latest launch features a mist that will give you beach hair or sea salt-kissed locks in no time.

Designed to give your hair a soft, beachy texture, this innovative spray is not only a styling tool but also a shield against the sun's harmful rays. Crafted without the use of any animal products or by-products, the spray is infused with the nourishing benefits of hibiscus flower extract and pro vitamin B5.

In addition to its hardworking formulation and performance, it's also packed in aesthetically pleasing recyclable packaging. In true GLAMOUR form, we put this product to the test to see if it delivered those ultimate beach waves with minimal effort and here are five people's truest and most honest thoughts.

The product:

Hair By Sam Mcknight Sundaze Sea Spray

The Reviews:

Georgia, GLAMOUR's Commerce Writer

As someone with pin-straight hair, I'm always looking for a quick and easy way to add a bit of texture and volume. Sea salt spray is my go-to, and this formula might just be my new favourite. Easy to apply with a pleasant-but-subtle scent, it can be used on dry or wet hair depending on your preferences. I think I'll use it on my day two hair, pre wash night, for an intentionally tousled look without trying too hard. Sam, you've done it again

Rating: 9/10

Denise, GLAMOUR's Commerce Writer

I’m someone who loooves a silky straight hairstyle, so I’m haven’t really dabbled in salt sprays enough to use them on the daily. But I figured that summer time calls for a more messy, beach wave kind of look so naturally, I had to give the new Sam McKnight Sea Salt Spray a go. I opted to apply it on dry hair by simply spraying it all over my length and roots and massaging everything together to create as much effortless volume as I could. I loved how weightless it felt on my hair, it truly gave me look as if I had just returned from Malibu and gave me lots of texture and volume. As a bonus, it also emphasised my balayage and added more dimension to the look. Long story short, I will definitely be using it all summer and beyond.

Rating: 8/10

Sophie, GLAMOUR's European Commerce Editor

On the day I tested Sam McKnight's new sea salt spray, my hair was a tad greasy and looking pretty limp. To be honest: the perfect conditions for adding texture, bounce and volume. I spritzed it through the ends of my hair, avoiding the roots, and found it to quickly inject more life into my locks. It did feel a little crispy in my hair after an hour or two, but to be honest, I didn't really mind. The fact that it held my hair in place for the rest of the work day more than made up for it, as did the fresh, salty scent.

Rating: 8/10

Lucy, GLAMOUR's Commerce Writer

While all the girls in the GLAMOUR office agreed that this product had made my hair look beachy while adding texture, I personally didn't get on with the feel of the spray. Tacky to the touch, like most sea salt sprays, the Sam McKnight spray felt almost tangling and when it came to flipping my hair throughout the day, it became increasingly hards to comb my fingers through the strands. For a quick photo opp or if you're after some support for teasing or backcombing - this product is for you. An all day style, on the other hand? I don't think I'd reach for it, but perhaps that's just my hair type.

Rating: 5/10

Elle, GLAMOUR's Beauty Editor

I've been struggling with fluffy, poofy hair in the humidity, so I wanted to give this a go to see whether it could introduce a little bit more definition to my hair and give me laidback-looking beachy waves. I spritzed this into wet strands and blow-dried it dry while scrunching. I don't know whether I went a bit too OTT with the rough drying, but it looked a little wild by the end. So, I decided to tong it as normal and I liked the effect it gave. It added a little grit to keep my waves from drooping and it provided scaffolding and texture for the extra volume I'm always seeking.

Rating: 7.5/10

Hair By Sam Mcknight Sundaze Sea Spray

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