Briefly Blonde

Selena Gomez went blonde... but she didn't... but she did?

For at least one glorious moment, she absolutely did. Sort of.
Selena Gomez Went Blonde... But She Didn't... But She Did See Photos
Amy Sussman

While we're all waiting for Only Murders in the Building to come back, its star, Selena Gomez, has been keeping busy with other projects — namely one that has had her calling France a home away from home for the last few weeks. And while we have to wait a while before we see the film she was working on there, the multi-hyphenate gave us a look at what she's been up to — including a totally unexpected hair-color change.

Gomez posted a carousel of joyful photos to Instagram on Friday, June 23. "Thank you Paris for being a home to me for two months! I loved every moment. Working on this film has completely changed my life. I can't wait to share more soon! Love you all 🤍," she wrote in the caption. And while some of the photos — like a beautiful balcony view and a pizza party with Zoe Saldaña — don't need much explanation, we would love some context for the second photo in the series.

The first photo of a brunette, ponytailed Gomez is directly followed by a mirror selfie in which the actor and entrepreneur is giving blonde bombshell. The bright, beachy blonde look has a strong shadow root, a touch of waviness, and a deep part that's giving serious attitude.

Gomez is making a kissy face in the mirror, and the reflection shows she's also wearing a classic red manicure, a black sweatshirt, and no pants. Because who needs pants when you're living your best blonde life, right?

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The thing is, none of the other photos show Gomez as a blonde, so it feels pretty safe to say that the blonde hair was a wig that we may see in the aforementioned film. But if she decided she wants to go blonde for real before the release of the movie, we're all for it — she looks incredible.

This article originally appeared on Allure.