Tips To Conceive A Girl

There is a belief that having a daughter makes life special especially for first-time parents. There are couples that have this dream but do not know how to make it a reality.

Although there is no specific way aside from undergoing an insemination method, there are many options which females and their partners can try-out which will help them learn how to make a baby girl.

Recording the Basal Body Temperature

Respected gynaecologist Dr. Landrum Shettles said that charting changes to the Basal Body Temperature (BBT) allow women to determine on when they are ovulating. There are studies that prove this fact.

The first step people should do is to download a clear BBT chart compatible with Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel. This is available through different pregnancy-related sites on the Internet. The next step is to purchase basal body thermometer.

The Right Time to Check Fertility Level

Females that are trying to conceive should take their temperature before doing anything in the morning. Any type of activity can cause a wrong reading. If they are ovulating, they will see a sudden increase in their temperature.

They should keep track of their temperature three months before they used it in their plans. It is recommended that they have sex two to three days before their cycle to improve their chances of having a baby girl.

Ovulation Kits for Female Conception

The ovulation predictor kits are a great tool on how to make a baby girl. They can detect the presence of luteinizing hormone in the body. This is a good indication that the cycle of the person is starting. Dr. Shettles said that the best time to use this method is between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

The process should be repeated between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. to ensure the accuracy of the first result. Body ovulation will likely happen a day after the person detected the increase of the hormone in their system.

Setting the Pace of Sexual Relations

The frequency of intercourse between husband and wife influence their chance of having a baby girl. According to experts in the field, they should copulate two to three days before their cycle. Engaging in sex passed from the ovulation period boost the chance of the bigger slow-moving X-chromosome carrying sperm.

The faster and weaker Y-chromosome carrying sperm will not thrive in an acidic pre-ovulation cervical environment. By the time that the female experience their cycle, there will be a considerable amount of X-sperm in the area to take care of the egg.

Preferred Sexual Position

Gynaecologists recommend the missionary position to couples trying to make a baby girl as their first-born. A slight penetration will place the sperm near the entrance of the vagina. This spot has a high acid content compared with the area closer to the uterus. A “hostile” environment will destroy the Y-sperm leaving the X-sperm to do their job.

Orgasm also plays an important part in the whole process. Doctors believed that not doing it inside the womb during lovemaking decreases the alkaline content that increases the potency of the Y-sperm. Contractions that accompany the action help push the “boy sperm” inside the cervix so this step should be avoided as much as possible.