Trying To Conceive A Girl Baby – 7 Powerful Methods

Trying To Conceive A GirlIf you’re trying to conceive a girl and don’t know where to start from, but don’t really want to rely on medical treatments for selecting your baby’s gender, trying some natural and accessible solutions it’s probably the easiest thing to do.

Given below are different suggestions on how to have a baby girl naturally, some of them supported by scientific evidence and others based on popular wisdom. So take your time to get familiar with these solutions than start applying them if you want to increase the odds of giving birth to a baby girl!

Trying To Conceive A Girl: Cut Down On Salty Snacks

Of all the minerals and vitamins a woman needs for carrying a healthy pregnancy, sodium is the one that should be avoided as much as possible when trying to conceive a girl. This nutrient does have numerous health benefits but it also decreases the chances of getting pregnant with a female baby so it shouldn’t be incorporated in too large amounts in your diet.

Unfortunately, lots of the snacks women crave for around their most fertile days are very high in salt thus very likely to favor the survival of male sperm and the conception of baby boys instead of girls.

So try to avoid these or replace them with sweet snacks, as even if they’re higher in calories most of the times, they also help in making the internal environment more acidic, and this is one of the most important aspects for conceiving a baby girl.

How To Conceive A Baby Girl: Eat Spinach

Another affordable, easy to apply and tasty solution for women wondering how to make a baby girl refers to incorporating higher amounts of spinach in their weekly menu. This green leafy vegetable provides lots of useful nutrients, among which magnesium is probably the most important one.

Also, spinach is poor in calories and it’s well known that a diet that’s rich in magnesium and poor in calories has greater chances to contribute to the conception of a female baby. Obviously, if you don’t like spinach as it is, meaning raw and added in salads, you can always cook it but keep in mind that this reduces the amount of minerals and vitamins in any food.

How To Make A Baby Girl: Add Yogurt To Your Diet

If you’re curious to know what other natural products can be incorporated in your menu in order to increase the chances of having a female baby, yogurt is another suggestion as this food provides very large amounts of calcium.

Numerous studies have shown that calcium is one of the most important nutrients when it comes to getting pregnant with a girl as well as for sustaining a healthy development of the baby’s skeleton.

Also, calcium prevents osteoporosis, makes the woman’s teeth and hair healthier and helps the future mom control her weight better, as despite the popular belief calcium does contribute to weight loss by helping the body to burn fats rather than storing them.

Best Way To Have A Girl Baby: Have Sex On Even Numbered Days

The previously mentioned suggestions and tips had a scientific base but our next recommendation is based more or less on popular wisdom. This means that there aren’t scientific arguments to prove the effectiveness of this method but there are women who claim they used it and managed to conceive a baby girl.

So the tip says the couple should have intimate relationships on even numbered days if they’re searching for solutions to how to get pregnant with a girl. Obviously, you don’t really have anything to lose if you do try this method but it’s better to do something more and to follow more of the tips mentioned here if you want to make sure you’re having a female baby.

How To Have A Baby Girl Naturally By Eating More Magnesium

How does magnesium help you conceive a baby girl instead of a boy? According to scientists, this mineral makes the reproductive tract more acidic and, along with calcium, increases the chances of having a baby girl.

This theory of foods that can make the body influence whether the male or female sperm will fertilize the egg is not new, a French obstetrician being the first one to say salts such as potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium can actually determine a baby’s gender.

So if you are searching for natural ways to make a baby girl, get as many foods rich in magnesium as you can or take some magnesium supplements, on a daily basis. Mix them with calcium supplements as this won’t do you any harm: on the contrary, it will boost your fertility and chances to get pregnant with a baby girl!

How To Get Pregnant With A Girl By Making Love In The Afternoon

Another not so scientific recommendation refers to making love in the afternoon, as according to popular wisdom this moment of the day is the most favorable for conceiving baby girls. There aren’t too many things to add here, as there’s no scientific evidence for this theory, but trying to conceive a girl using this method surely won’t hurt anyone!

Best Way To Conceive A Girl: Eat More Kale

Last on our brief list of tips for those of you searching for natural solutions to how to get pregnant with a girl refers to adding more kale to your weekly menu. Kale is quite similar to spinach and all the other green leafy vegetables, in terms of nutrients and health effects.

This means that it works quite in the same way once processed, as ingredients in this vegetable make the internal environment more acidic, increasing the chances of getting pregnant with a girl.

Moreover, kale, just like other green leafy veggies, is very poor in calories, so it satisfies two of the conditions that increase the odds of having a girl: a low in calories diet and a high content of minerals and vitamins. 100 grams of kale provide no less than 90 mg of calcium and 23 mg of magnesium, these being essential for the conception of female babies.