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Here are some of the top recent Uber Eats discount codes & promo codes

Sometimes these Uber Eats vouchers still work after they expire.

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What is Uber Eats?

If you‘re someone who regularly treats themselves to a takeaway (like us…maybe too often), you’ll be no stranger to Uber Eats. Get freshly made, delicious food delivered straight to your door in the press of a button. It really is that simple! What’s more, you can now even get your groceries delivered, breakfasts or even just a coffee. Uber Eats is the perfect addition to any busy person’s life.

What we’d order with our Uber Eats discount code

The things you can get at Uber Eats vary with your location. Unless you want your delivery driver cycling 500 miles to bring you a Maccy D’s, you’ll be ordering deliveries from local places you know and love. As foodies, we’ve had great fun scouring the Uber Eats site to see what we’d order to the office right now. Here are some of our choices:

Uber Eats Chinese Takeaway

If there is one takeaway food that seems to reign supreme, it is the Chinese takeaway. Whether your tastebuds tingle for sweet and sour sauce, kung pao chicken or egg fried rice, it seems to be the nation's favourite. With over 13,000 Asian restaurants in the UK alone, we're sure your local isn't that far away. Order via Uber Eats and don't forget to add an Uber Eats discount code at the checkout.

McDonalds Uber Eats

You can’t deny it. Even seeing the word makes you drool. Whether it’s an Uber Eats McDonalds breakfast, hangover lunch or treating yourself to a Big Mac after a long day, Uber Eats will have you covered. While McDonalds prices are cheap, why not add one of our Uber Eats voucher codes to the mix to make this even cheaper!

Subway Uber Eats Promo Code

Subway has been a long-term collaborator with Uber Eats and we couldn’t be more grateful. The sandwich kings are a great choice for when you feel like something comforting without all the effort. Subway recently revealed that there are over 4.9 BILLION combinations for your sandwiches. You really can’t say you’re short of choice! Add one of our Uber Eats promo codes to save on your sandwich.

Get your favourite takeaway cheaper with an Uber Eats discount code
Get your favourite takeaway cheaper with an Uber Eats discount code

Uber Eats seasonal sale events for your calendar

  • Uber Eats Black Friday 2022: Confirm if your favourite local restaurant is on the Black Friday menu and enjoy up to a 50% discount on every Black Friday order in the last week of November.

  • Cyber Monday: The Uber Eats Cyber Monday sales discounts of up to 50% off your 1st 1-3 orders on the Monday after Black Friday.

  • Christmas Sales:Enjoy up to 50% discount and free delivery on your next Christmas takeout.

  • Father’s Day: Treat your dad to a sumptuous meal on Father’s Day using the Uber Eats Father’s Day weekend discount.

How to redeem your Uber Eats discount code

Redeeming your code

  1. Choose the discount code that you would like to use and copy it to your clipboard.

  2. Navigate to the Uber Eats website and select the items that you wish to purchase.

  3. Proceed to the website checkout process.

  4. Look for the "promo code" field on the checkout page.

  5. Paste the discount code into the "promo code" field.

  6. Click the "apply" button to see the discount reflected in your order total.

  7. Complete the checkout process and enjoy your savings

Add your Uber Eats promo code here!
Add your Uber Eats promo code here!

Questions to ask if your Uber Eats voucher code isn’t working:

  • Check if you copied the voucher code correctly. Sometimes, a small typo can make a big difference.

  • Make sure that your purchase meets the minimal order requirement. Some voucher codes have a minimum spend requirement before they can be applied.

  • Check if the voucher code is still valid or expired. Voucher codes usually have an expiration date or can only be used for a limited time.

  • Ensure that you are using your personal profile or an unmanaged business profile when claiming the Uber Eats voucher. Some voucher codes are only valid for personal accounts and not for business profiles.

  • Verify that you have the latest version of the Uber Eats app. Some voucher codes can only be used with the latest app version.

Uber Eats FAQ

Is there a permanent Uber Eats sale?

If you order meals on Uber Eats regularly, subscribe to Uber One and enjoy discounted prices throughout the year. Sign up to Uber One, formerly known as Uber Eats Pass, for £9.99 per month. The year-round Uber Eats discounts include unlimited free deliveries, a 5% discount for any order above £15, priority restaurant delivery services, and lots of invite-only perks. If you love a takeaway like us, this is definitely worth it!

Can I get an Uber Eats free delivery?

Sometimes; you’re eligible for free delivery if you sign up to the Uber Eats Pass for £9.99 a month. Otherwise, we sometimes have an Uber Eats free delivery code, so keep your eyes peeled and pop back to this page if we don’t have one for you now!

Are there any Uber Eats existing customer discounts?

Here are three exciting offers available to existing Uber Eats customers:

  • Save £20 with an Uber Eats promo code for purchases above £25.

  • Redeem £5 using an Uber Eats coupon code at checkout.

  • Order from McDonald’s via the Uber Eats app and enjoy free delivery for orders above £20

Can I get money off my first Uber Eats order?

Of course. Download and sign up to the Uber Eats app and take £20 off your 1st order on the app. And, get a £20 credit anytime a referred friend places an order with Uber Eats for the first time.

Can I get an Uber Eats student discount?

Yes! Uber Eats student discounts give students up to 50% discount off the first 3 orders. Sign up with Student Beans and use your official university email address to verify your student status.

Is there an Uber Eats birthday discount?

There are no Uber Eats birthday discounts. Still, some restaurants listed on Uber Eats have specific birthday treats, freebies, and discounts but it varies from shop to shop. Check out your favs and see if they can offer you something special!

Can I benefit by signing up to the Uber Eats newsletter?

You sure can. Sign up for the Uber Eats newsletter and get the latest offers and deals straight to your inbox. Still, there is no specific discount for subscribing to the newsletter.

Are there any Uber Eats Gift cards?

Yes indeed! The perfect way to treat your foodie friend; Uber Eats gift cards start from £15, so you can treat the takeaway lover in your life.

Is there an Uber Eats app discount?

There are no discounts for using the Uber Eats app at the moment. Still, you can download the app for free and place your order right away, from any location! If that isn’t reason enough to download it anyway, we’re not sure what is.

What is the Uber Eats returns policy?

The Uber Eats refund policy allows anyone to seek a refund for an incorrect or missing item in the order and late deliveries. The refund claim should be made within seven days of the original order or returns. Here are the steps for claiming a refund:

  • Log in to your Uber Eats account

  • Cancel the incorrect or missing order

  • Fill out the Support Request form. Here, provide details of the incorrect or missing item or order. Attach photos as part of the evidence.

  • Attach your itemised receipt for the original order or returns

  • Verify the details before submitting them

  • Wait for an email from Uber Eats regarding how and when you will receive the refund

Usually, a refund takes up to three weeks to be processed.

Is it possible to get an Uber Eats next day delivery?

You can! They allow existing customers to make advance orders by up to one week. That way, you can schedule your food deliveries in advance for your upcoming birthday, corporate lunch, or family get-together!

Is there an Uber Eats price match policy?

Currently, Uber Eats does not provide a price match policy. While Uber Eats does not offer this service at the moment, we have a variety of discounts and deals available on our website that can help you save on your next order.