Ways To Conceive A Girl – 5 Powerful Methods

Ways To Conceive A GirlThe best ways to conceive a girl are, according to scientists, following the calendar method and adopting a slightly acidic diet to make the vaginal environment more favorable for sperm cells carrying female chromosomes.

However, not all women looking for tips on how to conceive a girl are willing to change their eating habits for 3 months or more, so finding alternative methods for increasing the chances of having a female baby is surely a desirable thing.

Fortunately, the best way to conceive a girl is not necessary linked with expensive medical procedures, drastic dietary restrictions or complicated days tracking and charting methods. As scientists confirm, finding the best position to conceive a girl is sometimes the most successful strategy a couple can adopt for influencing the future baby’s gender.

So here are some of the best positions and natural strategies you can use for getting pregnant with a female baby!

Why the spooning position is one of the best ways to conceive a girl

Most scientific methods talking about the best way to conceive a girl agree that the missionary and woman on top positions are among the most recommended ones for giving birth to a female baby. However, the spooning position is just as successful as these two ones, as it also favors the survival of female sperm instead of male cells.

The explanation is quite simple: if sperm is ejaculated deep inside the vagina, cells carrying male chromosomes, which are known to move faster, find it easier to travel towards the fallopian tubes. Inside these tubes, whose role is to connect the uterus with the ovaries, sperm cells can fertilize the released egg which then implants into the uterus walls.

However, when sperm is ejaculated near the vaginal entrance, tiny spermatozoids have to travel a longer distance in order to reach the egg therefore only the stronger and larger cells will survive. And these are the female sperm cells, so if you’re looking for tips on how to conceive a girl, the first and easiest to apply one refers to adopting the spooning position while having sexual intercourse.

Find the best days to conceive a girl by watching your menstruation

One of the easiest ways to conceive a girl is to watch for your menstrual cycle’s beginning and ending and to write these dates on a piece of paper. Once the menstrual discharge stops, you should count 10 more days and this is how you obtain the best day for having sex and getting pregnant with a female baby!

Here’s the scientific explanation for this: during the menstrual cycle, unfertilized eggs along with thickened mucus and vaginal secretions are eliminated so no new egg can be released until the ovaries and uterus recover. This may take up to 10-14 days so during this interval you can theoretically have sex without getting pregnant as you’re not in your fertile period.

However, starting with day 7 after your menstrual discharge ends, your ovaries get ready for releasing another egg and depending on your cycles’ length, this will happen in 2-3 days or even in one week if you have longer menstrual cycles. But sperm lives inside the vagina for 3 days as well so if you have sex daily starting with the second week after menstruation, chances to conceive are very high.

To make sure you get pregnant with a girl, stop having intercourse from day 10 to day 16 after the menstrual discharge – this way only the most powerful sperm cells, those carrying female chromosomes, survive inside the vagina until the egg is released. You can restart having sexual intercourse right after ovulation, which is day 16-17 after the end of the menstrual cycle.

Conceive a girl by giving up unprotected sex!

Although this recommendation is less usual than other tips on how to conceive a girl, you’d be surprised to see how effective it actually is! Just like the previous solution, this one has a medical explanation as well: by having protected intercourse for a while, day after day, sperm cells become less numerous with every ejaculation so when you finally have unprotected sex, chances for male sperm to still be present in you vagina are quite reduced.

This means that you should have protected intercourse for at least one week before conception and make sure you follow the calendar method as well, so that you stop using condoms 2-3 days before ovulation. If you’re not really into counting days, you can simply analyze the changes in your cervical mucus and give up condoms when you notice the discharge is larger than normal and more slippery.

That announces the egg is just about to be released, so by having intercourse when cervical mucus is friendlier to sperm cells than usually, cells carrying chromosomes will find it easier to travel inside the vagina, towards the released egg.

How to conceive a girl using the Chinese baby calendar

This gender prediction method is based on a traditional Chinese belief according to which certain months favor the conception of female babies while others are more favorable for baby boys to be conceived. Thus, in order to use this method of gender selection, a couple must identify not the best days to conceive a girl but the most favorable months for having sexual intercourse.

The Chinese baby calendar method also says the woman’s age influences the probability of having a girl, so if you’re planning to use this technique for conceiving a female baby, get ready to have sex with your partner only on the days indicated by the calendar.

If you’re 30 years old for example, the recommended months for conceiving a girl are March and May, while if you’re 35 your chances of getting pregnant with a female baby are higher if you have sex in February, April, June, August and November.

As strange as this method sounds, it does have 50% chances of success so why not trying it if you’re ready to have a new member in your family?

Ways to conceive a girl – your partner’s involvement matters too!

When it comes to finding the best ways to conceive a girl, it’s not only you who has to look for tips, to make dietary changes and take douches before intercourse. Your partner should also be part of this process and by this we don’t simply refer to him getting in bed with you. Here are some useful tips on how to conceive a baby girl for your partner!

First, he can start by taking hot baths right before intercourse as this technique is known to increase the overall body temperature, killing weaker sperm cells which carry male chromosomes. Female cells are more resistant so by using this method chances to have a girl get slightly higher.

For the same reason, your partner should wear tight underwear and warming clothes for at least 3 days before having intercourse. Also, he should adopt a diet richer in calcium, magnesium, proteins and fibers and he should give up junk foods, which contain lots of salt and fats therefore decrease the chances for female sperm cells to survive.

And last, your partner should stick to positions that don’t allow a too deep penetration as this way sperm is placed nearer vaginal opening and farther from the released eggs. These are the most important aspects your partner should pay attention to when looking for the best ways to conceive a girl.