Ways To Get Pregnant With A Girl Baby – 7 Easy Methods

Ways To Get Pregnant With A GirlOnline browsing for ways to get pregnant with a girl will reveal numerous suggestions and methods meant to help you give birth to a female baby instead of a male baby. Some of these methods are sustained by scientific arguments while others have no scientific base but have been tried by numerous women who claim to have succeeded in their attempt.

It’s therefore important to keep in mind that the best solution to how to have a baby girl is not always the most scientific one but the one that suits your lifestyle, diet and internal environment.

Some women are more prone to having boys and need to put some extra effort in creating the proper environment for a female baby, while others have a hard time conceiving boys so chances for them to get pregnant with girls are bigger (get pregnant with a girl) even if they don’t do anything special for this purpose. So check the methods suggested below and see which one suits you the best!

Ways To Get Pregnant With A Girl: Eat Liver

Besides delivering important amounts of nutrients that are required by the female body for carrying a pregnancy to term, liver also has the ability of making the internal environment more acidic, as it lowers the pH of the vaginal tract and bodily fluids.

By doing so, liver reduces considerably the chances for male sperm to survive inside the vagina and at the same time it increases the odds for female sperm cells to fertilize the available egg. Liver provides high amounts of cooper, zinc and iron, manganese and phosphorus, as well as smaller amounts of magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium.

How To Make A Baby Girl: Use Chaste Tree Berry

Chaste tree berry is often recommended to women who have fertility problems caused by an irregular menstruation. This plant works by regulating the menstrual cycle and correcting the so- called luteal phase defect, a health issue that alters the normal cycle and disrupts menstruation, affecting the constant release of viable eggs.

By restoring the internal balance of the female organism, chaste tree berry can treat problems of the reproductive tract, increasing the chances for conception to take place. And given that this plant increases the amount of female sex hormones, it also favors the conception of female babies instead of male ones.

How To Get Pregnant With A Girl: Use Dong Quai

Traditional Chinese medicine also recommends the use on dong quai, as one of the ways to get pregnant with a girl. It is an herb that’s considered a great tonic for women due to its ability of restoring the normal functioning of the reproductive tract and to balance hormones.

This plant is used in China for cleansing the blood, detoxifying the body, increasing the blood flow to the sexual organs and uterus as well as for stimulating the sex drive. It’s therefore obvious that by delivering more blood to the reproductive tract, dong quai ensures a better nourished and oxygenized environment thus sustains the conception as well as the development of a healthy pregnancy.

But how does it help in conceiving a baby girl? It provides good amounts of acids that affect the vaginal pH in a way that favors the survival of female sperm and it also influences the levels of estrogens or female sex hormones, so it’s good when served by both the male and the female.

How To Conceive A Baby Girl: Avoid Bananas

Bananas are very rich in minerals and vitamins but they’re also rich in potassium, one of the minerals associated with higher chances of conceiving baby boys. So if you’re searching for foods to incorporate in your diet for boosting the chances of having a female baby, bananas should definitely not be among your top choices.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat them at all but try to keep the intake of these fruits at a minimum and to eat more products that can acidize your internal environment instead of making it more alkaline.

Also, opt for products that provide more calcium and magnesium instead of potassium and sodium, as the first two nutrients are considered friendlier to female sperm while the last two are friendlier to male sperm.

Best Way To Have A Girl Baby: Use Baby Aspirin

Baby aspirin is often recommended to women who fail in carrying a pregnancy to term as it works by reducing the chances of inflammatory processes to interrupt the pregnancy. But how can aspirin help you in selecting your baby’s gender, you might ask?

Aspirin doesn’t have a direct contribution to enhancing fertility, according to studies, but it does help women with a certain syndrome, called APS or antiphopholipid antibody syndrome, to conceive, by reducing the risks of miscarriages, blood clotting problems and autoimmune issues.

However, despite the lack of scientific proofs, many women claim to have given birth to female babies after taking one baby aspirin per day, for a longer interval before baby-making sex. So if you’re willing to try, this method is very unlikely to hurt you.

Best Way To Conceive A Girl: Don’t Eat Pickles

This piece of advice may sound strange but the truth is lots of women find themselves craving for pickles when they’re pregnant with baby boys. And this happens because there’s a link between the taste of these foods and the conception of a female or male baby.

Some spicy foods are linked with the conception of baby girls but most salty foods and spices alkalinize the body and thus make it friendlier to sperm carrying the Y-chromosomes, not the X-chromosomes. So there’s no wonder that your body asks for salty foods when you conceive a boy!

How To Have A Baby Girl Naturally: Drink Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea has pretty much the same effect as saw palmetto. This drink has a great contribution to lowering the production of testosterone inside the female body, and it’s known that the lower levels of male sex hormones are in the organism, the less likely is the woman to conceive a baby boy.

Still, it’s not only the woman who should drink the peppermint tea. Her partner should also add this beverage to his daily menu as it will reduce the amount of male sperm cells that could reach inside the vagina and fertilize the egg.

Drinking two cups of peppermint tea daily is more than enough for influencing your hormonal levels in a way that favors the survival of female sperm and the conception of a female baby.